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Zombie Collapse and the Collapse in the Real World

Hi, I need one paragraph and this paragraph will talk about zombies only . Here is the question that the professor gave us to write about , but first of all you have to watch the movie called ( 28 days later)) if possible, because that will give you good idea about zombies. The question is:
((How does the zombie collapse imitate real collapse or crisis in the world today ? – social- environmental- psychological- political or financial))

please the professor will grade hardly on ( Grammar- RUN ON SENTENCES – COMMA SPLICES AND MEANING ))

* please do not copy from online or internet anything.




The collapse of Zombies in the movie “28 Days Later,” imitates what happens in the real world. Firstly, just like the collapse of the zombies is chaotic, so is any collapse of an order in the contemporary world. The collapse of any system, may it be political, social or financial, is always chaotic, rapid and sudden. For instance, during the financial crisis of 2007, the banking institutions were run in a chaotic manner. People were rushing to withdraw their money only to find that banks had been closed. The rise and the fall of Arab Spring can be compared to what happens to the Zombies. They do not last for long just like the Zombies that die after being infected with the virus. The second main point that can be deduced from the collapse of the zombies is this: any system that is not self-sustaining will eventually collapse, sooner or later. Financial systems characterized by unstable and inflated markets, political systems that are undemocratic and lack freedoms, social structures that are unjust and unfair, all are like zombies. Just like the zombies multiplied in ways that were not self-sustaining, such systems will eventually collapse under the weight of their contradictions, incoherence and the inability to be sustainable.

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