Buy Existing Paper - Working in a group


Working in a group can be a good or bad experience depending on group members. Some people can make working in a group an exciting and learning experience while others can make it tough and a disappointing experience. Our group was a unique group and we had a strong connection among all the group members. Everyone was always on time when attending group meetings a good indication of a great experience for everyone. Having said that, our group was composed of four individuals, Alla, Lyrik, Brooklynn, and Lexi. Alla was our group leader and she demonstrated outstanding leadership to all the group members. We met in the library for our group discussion and also created a group WhatsApp for efficient and effective communication among us.

To begin with, we selected Alla as our group leader during our first meeting. Leaders tend to come out even when in a group and right from the start we saw her abilities in lading us. Alla as a group leader was very helpful in different aspects. She was willing to offer ideas to all group members on how to go around with their part of the assignment. She was a reliable leader and whenever one had a challenge in doing his or her part of the work, Alla was there to offer help. She was also showed participating leadership style. Being the group leader did not mean that she always had the final say on our group work. Everyone was given an opportunity to give his or her input. We used to discuss on how different parts of the group were going to be handled. Alla encouraged everyone in the group to participate and air their opinion the work. She also allocated tasks to each member according to one’s strengths. Alla was the most travelled in the group and as such, she is perfectly suited to present on travel tips.

Lyrik was good at reminding us on deadline for our presentation. He helped the group leader on this area and due to his efforts was able to finish all the work on time. He also participated during group discussions and offered ideas whenever he could. His part is to talk about Ireland since he has vast information on Ireland.  Brooklynn also gave her opinion during the group discussions. She was the first to suggested Alla as the group leader. She was jovial and always smiling and made the whole discussion process interactive and learning at the same time. She would give more explanation or elaborate on a topic that we could not understand very fast. Her part will be presenting on Cordoba Spain. Being a hard worker, she had to search information on this area. Finally, Lexi was the one who suggested and created the WhatsApp group. She was always looking for ways to make communication among the group us easy. She was also good at giving her opinions and whenever she was stuck was also quick to ask for help from other member of the group. Lexis is going to present on Bora Bora. She did excellent work on getting information on this tiny island.Working in a group

Just like other groups, we had or own challenges such as deciding on the appropriate time to meet for our group discussion. To solve this we looked at everyone’s timetable. We decided to meet in the Library after class because everyone was available and there were no more classes. We found it ease to solve issues in the group through discussion and agreeing to disagree at times. Putting the group first was a strong weapon in making the whole process enjoyable by each group member. The group work has also helped us to learn about one another and appreciate other people. Because of group work, I now have new friends.Working in a group