Buy Existing Paper - wireless technology and its impact on daily life




TO:            Lecturer and fellow students


DATE:       October 10, 2017

RE:             Research on wireless technology and its impact on daily life

Global growth and daily living depends to a large extent on technology so much so that for people, companies and organizations to green light projects, they must first conduct a technological viability test. This dependence on technology for nearly all activities and aspects of life can be attributed to how technology has made life easier, be it through cooking appliances, communication appliances such as smartphones, working tools such as laptops and home appliances among others. Thus, the importance of technology, especially wireless technology cannot be underestimated. This is because people are able to control most of their electronics through their smartphones, based on a Bluetooth or Internet platform. Wireless technology is revolutionizing the way things are done even in the education sector as evident in the rapid increase in online sessions and courses. In this regard, I intend to conduct a study on how technology influences our everyday life and helps solve global problems with a special focus on wireless technology.

Given that almost every gadget that people utilize at work and at home is a technological one, it is vital that the research explores companies that deal with a variety of technological gadgets so as to assess their impact on human life and occupations. Samsung Electronics is a good example of such a company. Thus, I would like to research about Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics is a global company that transforms the worlds of smartphones, tablets, digital appliances, medical services, LED solutions TVs, wearable devices, cameras, network systems and semiconductors through relentless discovery and innovation. Since its establishment in 1969, Samsung Electronics has has grown into one of the world’s leading technology companies with a network that extends across the world. More important, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of coming up with technological solutions to everyday problems and needs that have influenced home living, work, research and education. The findings of my study will be critical to providing prominent information on the impact of technology on discordant aspects of human life and global sustenance.