Buy Existing Paper - Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information



Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

Hello Penny,

I am quite pleased to receive your letter and quite frankly, I am impressed by your dedication to finding out as much as possible about your higher education options before deciding where you want to learn. It feels like such as a long time since the last time I saw you and your sister Marguerite. I hope you are well and happy and that your family is also fairing on well. Kindly send my regards to your sister. I see that you have expressed interest in California State University, especially in the student life and academic and recreational resources available to students. I am more than happy to answer your questions and offer insight that you will find quite useful should you decide join me here.

I can definitely tell you that the workload is not as much as in high school. In fact, when I first arrived here, I found my schedule to be more flexible and non-restrictive as it was in high school. Don’t get me wrong, classes are still accorded scheduled times slots in the week, but these classes are significantly less than those in high school. However, I must say that the workload also depends on the course that you will be pursuing at the University. While some students find themselves with a lot of free time since their courses do not require a lot of work, others can have classes on each weekday. The workload also depends on the year of study. The workload in the first year of study is more than that in subsequent years of study. This is because there are several general units that each student has to take in first year, so you will find yourself attending more classes in a week, but from the second of year when a person begins majoring in a certain field, the workload significantly decreases. The workload may be more in first year than in subsequent years of study, but the work in the former is not as difficult as in the latter. Thus, understandably, the workload is reduced in subsequent years of study, but it is very much doable with ease. The amazing thing is that you have ample time to have a part-time job during school. The classes are usually spaced out during the week unlike in high school where you have to attend eight hours of class each weekday. Moreover, the classes are not mandatory, so as an adult you can skip some classes to do your part-time work. However, there is a mandatory attendance rate that you have to attain. In certain cases, the students can talk to the lecturers to combine two classes that occur on separate days of the week is such a way that you can have all your classes in two days of the week which is extremely beneficial when you have a part-time job.Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

When most Universities talk about accessibility, it is usually in the form of digital learning material and university information. In other words what they are telling you is if you want any form of access to learning material, university information or staff, do it electronically through email or portals. That is not the case in California State University. It is actually mandatory for the University to provide accessibility to university information, staff and faculty. This means that it is well within your rights to enjoy this accessibility, but the fact that staff and faculty members are willing to engage students on a one-on-one basis makes the process easier as you can imagine. I am happy that you have asked about accessibility because I have experienced first-hand the benefits of having one-on-one meetings with lecturers so much as so that I would advise you to have as many as possible when you are here. I found that consulting with lecturers about course work and assignments increased my likelihood of scoring high marks compared to tackling the assignments on my own. All thanks to the improved student-instructor accessibility.Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

Given the commuter nature of California State University, certain students perceive the university having a non-satisfactory social life. However, according to my experience there are a lot of clubs, organizations and activities that suffice fulfilling student social life. For instance, there are more than one hundred and fifty unique clubs and organizations on campus that are not only diverse but also productive. You can even start your own club and register it through the Office of Student Engagement each year. No pressure. I have challenged myself with new responsibilities in the clubs and organizations where I am an active member and also become more involved in the campus community. These clubs and organizations also provided me with a sense of belonging in the community through the time I spend with people who have similar interests. And no, I am not in the geek club. If you want to have mad fun, those are found in the fraternities and sororities. With fraternities such as Delta Sigma Phi, Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Theta Phi and Gamma Zeta Alpha, and sororities such as Alpha Phi, Kappa Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha, you are guaranteed extreme fun to unwind from life of studying and working. If that is not enough, you can always take part in drama productions, dances, quarterly festivals, musical concerts, choral concerts and guest speakers.   Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

I should have known that you are still a staunch debater. You’ll be happy to know that there is a strong debate team here. As a matter of fact they call themselves the Forensic team. The team focuses on real world and current event argumentation based on the format of American Parliamentary Debate. When the team is not torturing fellow students in class, it is travelling locally and nationally to compete against other Universities and Colleges. I personally like the debates because they deal with real world and current issues. In short, these debates are not just for fun. I believe this team will help you translate your debate abilities to skills that you can maximize in life after college.Why you should join California State University, San Bernardino Information

I can say a lot about California State University, but ultimately what matters is the kind of education you attain here and how it prepares you for life after college. The professors here teach differently than the conventional style yet provide just as much if not more academic material. Moreover, instructors here actually care about the course or unit they teach and are always willing to help students. “I am not a deep person in terms of writing or relaying content” as many of the people who know me described, but I am proving them wrong each day because of the impact of my instructors. This place unlocked something for me and I believe it will do the same for you. I hope you find the information in this letter helpful. Thank you.

Yours truly

(Student Name)