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Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence-Technological Advancement plays a major role in our daily lives. In the past three decades, the growth of technology has changed how humans interact with each other and with the environment. Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading sectors in technology and greatly controls our daily and future lives. Gunning (16) defines Artificial Intelligence as machine learning, which is knowledge applied by machines in contrast with the natural knowledge depicted by humans. Machines that use AI have systems that help them to make real-time decisions based on actual information such as time, environment, socialism, and the causal chain of events. Based on this programming, the machines make the most logical decision. The use of machines increases efficiency and food production. A parallel study on the consequences of AI development shows a list of possible consequences that will affect humanity in the future. The primary objective of the study is to identify whether IA is worth developing or it might prove problematic in the future. A review of the literature shows that, despite the associated consequences of IA, humans should continue to adopt the technology, without which modern society would not be sustainable.Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

The current growth of AI and its widespread adoption in most industrial processes comes from its increased efficiency and lower mistakes index. Although human beings have the same computation abilities as a well set AI system, machines tend to be faster and have lower mistake index. As an example, most banking machines rely on AI technology. Once a client deposits a withdrawal, the system quickly updates the entire system to reflect the transaction. The pre-set logarithms that control the accuracy of the machines makes it impossible for the machine to make arithmetic errors. While humans have the same ability, their operations are based on their cognitive capabilities, which might change with a change in physical, emotional, and physical environments. Why We Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence