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Who Was Henry David Thoreau



Who Was Henry David Thoreau

David  Thoreau was one of the best writers, he was also naturalist, abolitionalist, a surveyor, philosopher and also resisted taxes  as well as a historian. From the history of henry david Thoreau, the following are some of the lessons that I have  learnt about him. First I learnt that you have to accept your life the way it is and live it no matter how challenging your life can be, henry went through a lot during his life that he even got arrested once but he never gave up in life and he did not stress himself in getting new things his thoughts is what mattered. Secondly is about being true to the work that you have. In everything that henry did he did it with passion, he wrote poems that contained good messages to the world, he fought fo the rights of other people and his love for nature was hilarious even though he had repeated failures he was very true to his work. Thirdly; true friendship results to true knowledge, henry’s friend Emerson was very true to him and they assisted each other in many ways that they both manged to gain some knowledge from one onother.Who Was Henry David Thoreau

Fourth; books are the career to excellence, Henry went to havard university and the education he acquired is what made him to become a writer in poetry as well as a historian. Five is that the road to success is tough, this demonstrates that to become successful henry overcame a lot of challenges and now he is regarded as one of the best writers across the world. Six ; true friends are generous enough to others dreams and vision, this is articulated by Emerson when he helped Henry in making his dreams come true. Lastly , what I have learnt about Henry is to simplify your life and the universe will therefore be moe simple, being idle makes life tough instead working hard to achieve your goals like Henry did is one of the key points to living a simple and great life .Who Was Henry David Thoreau