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White Rock Beach Beer Company

2.1 Brief Background of the Client Organization


Located in White Rock, B.C., White Rock Beach Beer Company (WRBBC) was started in 2013 by founders Peter Adams and Bill Haddow. With no prior experience in brewing beer, the founders have built their company from the ground up. WRBBC’s current market consists of local beer enthusiasts and popular restaurants in the White Rock Area. Currently, the only social media platforms that WRBBC uses is Facebook and Twitter.


The company has two different product lines – the first one consisting of beers and the second one consisting of apparel (merchandise).


WRBBC offers four types of beer:

White Rock Beach Beer Company

IBU (bitterness, the higher, the bitter the beer is )


  • White Rock West Beach Fruit (American Pale Ale): A Pacific Northwest style beer made with centennial hops, taste like citrus grapefruit, with 36IBU and 5%ABV.


  • White Rock East Beach Nut (American Brown Ale): British Ale made with Canadian grain and hops.

White Rock Beach Beer Company

  • Border (Porter, seasonal): a Baltic Style Porter with a big, malty aroma with chocolate notes, Topped off with a nice lasting tan head. With 29IBU and 6.2% ABV


  • Pier (I.P.A., Monthly): a trio of hops, magnum, and Centennial, ideal, for hopheads with a smooth and crisp finish


2.2 Marketing Problem/Concern/Opportunity Investigated


2.3 Scope


2.4 Goals and Phases of Work


2.5 Client Agreement





 White Rock Beach Beer Company

3.1 Project Milestones


Task Due Date Assigned to
TCPS2 Certificate Jan 08 All team members
Finding Client Jan 10 All team members
Identify Problem & Opportunity with Client Jan 13 All team members
Final Editing Jan 14  
Team/Client Agreement Charter hand in Jan 15  
Group Meeting Jan 17 All team members
Setting Objectives Jan 17 All team members.
Identify Metrics  & Tools to Gather Primary Data Jan 17 All team members
Identify Critical Issues Jan 18 All team members
Create a Questionnaire Jan 19 All team members
Collect Data for Both Primary & Secondary Jan 23 Primary research: Angela, Jimmy

Secondary research: Angela, Jimmy


Organize & Analyze Results Feb 24 All team members
Group Meeting Feb 24 All team members
Final Editing Feb 25  
Research Design & Results hand in Feb 26  
Group Meeting Feb 27 All team members
Analyze & Discuss CI Uncovered Feb 27 All team members
Identify Alternatives Mar 2 All team members
Evaluate Alternatives Mar 6 All team members
Group Meeting Mar 11 All team members
Identify Recommendations Mar 15 All team members
Final Report Draft Mar 17 All team members
Final Editing Mar 18  
PPT Formation Mar 18 All team members
Final Project Report & PPT slides hand in Mar 19  

 White Rock Beach Beer Company

3.2 Constraints & Assumptions


Constraints –          One of the biggest constraints is that finding an organization that is willing to work with us would be frustrated, since most small companies want to keep their data as confidential.

–          Coming up with ideas would probably be a constraint as well because the group was formed with only three members.

–          Stay with the schedule is also a constraint due to possibilities of unpredictable issues.

–          Time flexibility, since everyone has their own life, it would be hard to match everyone’s free time.

–          Setting a meeting with client will also be an issue, since the client might be too busy to pull out a time for us.

–          Disagreements might occur

Assumptions –          That there will be cooperation amongst the members of the group to ensure that there is proper flow of ideas by the members.

–          That the project will be concluded in the shortest time possible

–          That the budget allocated for the project is enough to complete the project

–          That we will be able to get all the relevant information for the various stakeholders

–          That disagreements amongst the team will be handled amicably



3.3 Addressing Constraints/ Potential Lack of Contribution

  • To avoid lack of ideas, all team members will come to the meeting with full preparation, so we won’t waste too much time on brainstorming in the meeting.
  • When an unpredicted issue occurs and a member has to be absent because of it, this member is responsible for informing the other team members and for finishing any work they have been assigned. Failure to do so, will warrant a warning – after two warnings, other team members may choose to get Dr. Nishan Perera involved.
  • For time flexibility, we just have to plan stuff early and try our best to stick on the schedule.
  • If the client is too busy to set up a meeting or interview with Team 6, then other communication means such as email and phone calls will be utilized instead.
  • When disagreements occur, the team will go through a voting process, and we will take the decision with majority of votes, which is two out of three.

White Rock Beach Beer Company

3.4 Member Strengths


Team Member Strengths
1. Alyssa Marti Organized, reliable, hard working, flexible, and easy to work with.
2. Jimmy Weng Good listener, stay with the schedule, flexible
3. Angela (I Man) Lai Strong communication, flexible, hard-working, timely, professional, qualitative work
4.Alla Alamer Well oriented, hard working, good communication skills.



3.5 Communications Strategies

The main communication tool that Team 6 will be using is the Moodle forum. Secondary communication tools such as Google Doc and Whatsapp will be used as well. The expected response will be within 12 hours, some full time jobs or even part time jobs take 8 – 10 hours per day. The meeting will be held before or after the class each week, since everyone will be at campus; or the day right after a submission is due so that we can start discussing the new topics and move forward on our project.


3.6 Confidentiality & Liability Waiver Agreement



 White Rock Beach Beer Company


3.7 Acknowledgement of MRKT 3240 Team Project Charter as outlined above:

Yes, all members of the team as identified above under “Key Stakeholders”/”Project Team Members” agree to the team project charter as written above