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Where is Dennet

Dennet is brain researcher who went through a surgery in Houston and was separaeted from his body. He named the brain Yorick and the body Hamlet. After the surgery, Hamlet functioned well without yorick in the head although he could feel lightheaded, croggy and nauseated. Dennet is wherever he thinks he is. At first dennet thinks he is hamlet, this is when he was given a secret mission to go and retrieve a device in Tusla, Oklahoma and the mission went sideways where he lost consciousness and died in Oklahoma remaining with yorick at the lab. He later gained consciousness only to find himself at Houston lab on another body that he named fortinbras.

Dennet was then disembodied on another soul another body even though his brain is still the same that is yorick,  he then was given a new body called fortinbras. He found himself at the lab where he was shown  a computer program device switch as well as yorick’s switch. During this time the sergury was very successful in that after the whole procedure dennet was very well in good health, no neausea and light headness., the surgery was a success. Dennet tried to switch on to yorick, he functioned so well, he also tried switching on to Hubert the computer program that was connected to fortinbras and still functioned very fine, he could feel, smell, walk, he could touch considering this is the work of the brain that sends an impulse on what exactly you want to do with the body.

Dennet can be yorick and fortinbras. Considering the new body that is fortinbras, Dennet can decide to switch on the yorick button and use it to function with the new body as one  and be anywhere or rather go any place that we would wish to go since he is in control of his mind.Where is Dennet

Dennet can also be hubert and the new body. Hurbert can be used as a brain instead of yorick since both functions equally in that, one may mistake two people into occupying one body at the same time.  He asked that measure to be taken that no one would temper with Hubert the computer program switch as well as yorick’ switch at the lab and that only Dennets would be in the position of deciding who we wants to be at a particular time. Whether to be yorick and Fortinbras or to be the body and hurbert wherever he goes. Dennet had the master switch that looked like a radio remote control since he could not carry with him Hurbert and Yorick wherever he went. The two of the swich buttons were unmarked so it was difficult for dennet to understand the nature of the brain that he was using at any particular time.

Dennet is giving a talk to an audience on an episode that he went through  in Hauston lab and everything he did to become who he is now. Currently he does not understand whether he is hurbert and the body or he is yorick and the body although he keeps switching from one brain to another and he uses both his brains in giving the speech to the ausdience.

Dennet can be anyhere he wants to be that is he can be at the lab with no body or he can be outside the lab as as yorick trough the remote control and fortibras exploring the world or he can be Hubert and Fortnibras moving around the world as long as he chooses to. According to me dennet is exploring the globe as both Hurbert, Yorick and Fortinbras all as one.Where is Dennet