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When and where did you meet with your mentor

Mentoring Experience Assignment #1


Report on meeting with your mentor-due February 27, 2019.

Please write a well-done one-two page report (double spaced), and be sure to cover the following:


  1. When and where did you meet with your mentor? Be sure to remind me of the mentor’s name and title.


  1. What was the general content of your session with your mentor? Did you share your resume with him/her?  What feedback did you receive?   Are you going to explore making any changes?  Will you do this at another time?


  1. These are a few questions you might want to ask in order to

gain helpful insights to the path to success that the mentor followed.

  • Did your education play a direct role in preparing you for your current position?
  • What part time work or internship opportunities did you have while you attended school? Which skills did you learn through these experiences that translated to the professional work place?
  • What activities did you participate in and how have they helped prepare you for the work world?
  • If you were in my shoes, back in college again, what would you recommend I do to enhance by marketability when I graduate?
  • If you were going to hire someone tomorrow for a job with your company, what three personal traits would you seek? Why these three?


  1. After your meeting with you mentor, think and write about the following.
  • Are you happy you selected this person?
  • How did you feel the first meeting went?
  • What was the best part?
  • What are your next steps? When will you meet with your mentor again?  Does he/she seem to be engaged in this project?

When and where did you meet with your mentor

Note:  Please pay special attention to your writing and proof several times for errors.  I have a rubric ready to assist you.