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What new terms were introduced?

The new terms that happen to be new and caught my attention were the following.

E-waste: Which is a product that can and should be recycled to prevent it from causing a hazard to people.

EEE: Which stands for electrical and electronic equipment, these are products that can also be considered e-waste in a specific situation.

ESM: which stand for environmentally sound management. Which is a process to make sure that we are managing the waste in the best way possible.

What new ideas/concerns were introduced?

            I think the biggest concern that I have come across is the E-waste and how much damage it can do if not properly managed and recycled carefully. Because it can create a huge impact on us by creating a hazardous environment. There are many different policies that are fighting for this like EPR and policies like this should be even better because this can change the way we look at electronic equipment and their effects.

What have you learnt ?What new terms were introduced?

The thing I learnt most about is the E-waste and how much damage it can actually create. I wasn’t aware of this issue before and I always thought that fuel and gas emissions were the only hazard that we have to face. That EEE when not recycled correctly can create e-waste. I also learned one of the factors to e-waste is the constant demand for new technology which leaves the old one to be e-waste.

How can this be used in organizations?

I think the best recommendation that I can give to organizations is that any electronics that they decide it was too old to be used anymore especially if it was still working should be donated to some organizations that can use it instead of throwing them away and creating more e-waste. I would also suggested that if the first option isn’t available then try to make sure to deliver the equipment to a recycling place that specializes with electronic recycling so we can make sure not to create a hazard.

What new terms were introduced?