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What john did that was sending

In any organization a manager ensures that all the daily routines are done in perfection. All surbodinates answer to the manager. What john did that was sending an email to all the staff was offensive, worse off the details in the mail were so derogative and showed that john had no respect to his superior. He therefore need to be an example to other employees. There are many ways of dealing with these situations but making it public about the manager stating that he should be fired was a bad way. He should have presented his concern about the manager to the suggestion box, talked to me the director or gone to the manager himself and placed his concerns. The best couse of action for the issue caused by john should be termination from work. From this scenario the other subordinates will learn from john’s mistake.

Question two-what john did that was sending

As the director of human resources for virtual reality media I would follow are procedure required for dismissal which is a face to face interview with john. The following is how I would terminate the employee. First I will plan for the interview by coming up with are good venue that would be appropriate and condusive for the entire process. Secondly I would go straight to the point and explain to him that what he did was wrong and the method that he used in addressing the problem was also wrong. Thirdly is that I as the director will describe the situation in a brief manner and explain to him what exactly happens to staff that humiliate other staff and at this point not just any other staff but the manager. Four is that I will listen to his side of the story. What he has to say regarding what he did considering he must have had a good reason for stating all that. Five I will review his side of story and my anticipation in order for me to come up with a couse of action. Lastly I will identify the next step which in this case is termination. What he did does not follow the rules and regulations of a company and therefore dismissal is the right decision that I as the director would have to make.

Question three

Dismissal for a just cause is based on a poor behavior and disobedience to authority. It is very clear that john portraid disobedience when he violated the rules and regulations of the company. He also disrespected his manager who is way above him in the chain of command, this demonstrates that john had poor behavior towards his superior. Therefore based on the mistake commited by john it was a just termination.