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What is Massage Therapy

Part A

  1. Massage therapy refers to a form of complementary and alternative medicine in which a trained professional mobilizes the soft tissue of a patient’s body including the tendons, the skin, ligaments, and connective tissue, by applying differing levels of movement and pressure using either hands or elbow. The massage therapists can be found in a wide range of environment including sports facilities, clinical settings, home, and even in hospitals. Usually, massage therapy treatment session will last for approximately one hour although they can extend for up to two hours or last for just 15 minutes.

The treatment begins with the therapist providing a suitable environment that is both soothing and calm. For instance, instead of using bright lights, massage therapists use dim light. Before, the treatment begins, the professional providing the service has to discuss the patient’s symptoms and other factors such as the work they do. Usually, the massage therapy conducts some assessment through touch, and when they established that the patients have no major problem that will render massage inappropriate, they proceed with administering the treatment. The patient is taken to a private room where he or she undresses before lying down on a special table. The therapist has to be careful to protect the patients’ dignity so that they do not feel invaded. Occasionally, the therapists will apply natural oils on their hands to reduce the friction and to ensure that they are massages rhythmical and gentle. The oil helps to avoid causing pain to the patient since this would nullify the benefits accrued from the treatment.What is Massage Therapy

Throughout the duration of the massage, the therapists move their hands methodically over the patient’s body giving him or her the comfort that they desire. Some therapists use a number of aids including ice and heart to provide the best service to the patient. Massage therapists apply long sweeping strokes combined with muscle kneading as well as rolling and rhythmic tapping to relieve the patient of stress and to induce muscle relaxation. Moreover, the procedure helps to ease the flow of blood and lymph in the vessels.

  1. There are five steps before one can become a massage therapist. First, an individual has to undertake a massage therapy program either at a certificate or diploma level from a recognized institution. Second, he has to complete all the practical requirements, which are basically a certain number of hours gaining hands-on experience. Third, the individual has to sit for the licensing examination and pass. Afterward, the individual will be free to apply to receive state certification, demonstrating that they have met all the requirements. It is only after completing a certification that the individual becomes an expert in massage therapy. The ratification is obtained by fulfilling a specified duration of clinical hours in addition to undertaking an examination. There are three levels of practitioners: those with an associate’s degree, certificates, and diplomas.


Since its recognition as a highly useful type of complementary and alternative medicine, massage therapy has become widely practiced in different societies and communities. It is now considered to be one of the most reputable hiring methods being practiced at home, in offices, health centers, and hospitals. Therefore, different regions of the world have a high number of practitioners. The massage therapy profession is regulated at the state level by the States themselves through different means including certification, licensing, and even registration.What is Massage Therapy


The highest degree level in massage therapy is an associate’s degree.

Usually, students pursuing massage therapy at this level I thought the mechanical as well as technical aspects as they relate to massage therapy. The degree program includes general education courses such as interpersonal relations and writing. Math and English are also taught and are considered to form part of this program. The program lasts for two years. After completing the program, students are required to sit for a national certification exam.

  1. Individuals who wish to become massage therapists have to enroll in a career college, either public or private, where they will receive formal education in the discipline. These persons are taught by qualified professionals that have also been certified. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork shortened as NCBTMB is the one test with overseeing the quality of education offered by different massage schools and to ensure that these learning institutions meet the basic requirements as stipulated in the curriculum (The American Massage Therapy Association, 2012). Students that study the program and complete it successfully and pass all the exams are eligible to apply for certification in massage therapy by the NCBTMB. The certificate they are given is proof that they have acquired skills and knowledge to enable them to practice as massage therapists. What is Massage Therapy

Part B

The patient has to undress. The parts of the body that’s the massage therapy is working on remain exposed. The other parts of the body may be covered using a towel. It’s up to the therapist to protect the patient’s dignity


The message may be done on any part of the body of the patient. The purpose of massage is to relive stress, induce muscle relaxation, and facilitate smooth flow of blood and lymph. Therefor, it may be done anywhere where these patient feels the need.


The massage therapists use their hands and elbow to work on the soft tissue of a patient’s body including the tendons, the skin, ligaments, and connective tissue, by applying differing levels of movement and pressure

Before and after: Massage serves to relax the body and to ensure smooth flow of both oxygen and blood throughout the body. It helps the body regain its shape. What is Massage Therapy






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