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What is a Weekly Journal-The Midterm exam was held on Monday, October 22, 2018, in the recreation and education hall as scheduled in the course outline. The aim of the midterm exam was to assess the performance of the students after seven weeks of learning. He students were provided with hard copies of the midterm exam after I ascertained that all students were present in class. I reminded the students before the test commenced that next week’s class would go on as planned without any postponement.

At 6.30 p.m., the midterm exam commenced and students completed the exam within the allocated time of two hours. In my observation, the students undertook the exam well without any cheating or unnecessary movements. The only question raised by the students was regarding the multiple choice questions for the second passage whereby they inquired whether they should circle their choices or put a stroke or dash on the correct choice. Thus, the midterm exam questions were not only clear but also simple and understandable by the students since no questions were raised regarding the exam instructions, directions or questions. To be sure, I asked the students if they understood the questions and instructions and they gave an affirmative answer.What is a Weekly Journal

The grading technique or system that I used for the midterm exam involved a table that specified discordant parts of the exam. For the grammar section, I tested the students on their comprehension of punctuation marks, as well as, how and where they are used in sentences. Also included in the grammar section was a parts of speech test that entailed asking the students to identify and state whether the underlined words in the sentences were adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns, articles, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions. To test the students’ understanding of punctuation, letter writing and email writing, I integrated a writing test section in the midterm exam. In this section the students were required to write brief formal and informal letters to the school administration and classmates respectively. The last section of the midterm exam entailed a reading and writing test which had two passages. One passage was an excerpt from the book The Giver whereby the sentences were expected to read the passage and answer the questions at the end of the passage. The second passage was a short story that the students were instructed to read and select the correct answers from the multiple choice questions that followed.What is a Weekly Journal

The grades of the students evinced positive results in terms of understanding the content of the course. For instance, in the grammar section, the highest score was 9 points and the lowest score was 6 points out of 10. The writing section produced the best results with the highest score being 10 points and the lowest score being 7 points out of 10. However, in as much as all students scored average or more than average in the reading and writing section, the results were an indication that more practice is still required to help students understand the English texts they read. In the reading and writing section, the highest score was 7 points and the lowest score was 5 points out of 10. It appears that albeit the students can read English sentences, this does not mean that they fathom the meaning of these sentences comprehensively. As such, certain students ended up answering irrelevant questions that were different from those provided in the exam sheet. Overall, the best performing student attained a score of 26 points out of 30 while the least performing student obtained a score of 20 points out of 30.

Based on the performance of the students in the midterm exam, emphasis will be placed on helping the students better understand the text so as to improve the accuracy and relevance of their answers. As such, I will expose the students to more reading and writing class activities and assignments so as to improve their report writing, essay writing, research writing and synopsis writing skills. I will also dedicate a lesson to reading in public so as to sharpen the English readings skills of the students even further.What is a Weekly Journal

Kindly find the attached Midterm Exam linked in the appendix.