Buy Existing Paper - Wellcast-Be a more confident public speaker


Summary of the film, “Wellcast-Be a more confident public speaker”

“In the video,”Wellcast-Be a more confident public speaker”, we are informed of the tips that individuals should follow to ensure that they are confident during speech delivering through the elimination of the fear of public speaking. To begin with, the film indicates that approximately seventy percent of the people in the entire world fear to speak in front of a larger gathering.  According to the video, this kind of fear is known as glossophobia and is attributed to the tongue.  Besides, the emotion is also caused by anxiety. It is detrimental in speech presentations because it hinders the effective passage of the intended message or information. To that end, the video gives us the approaches that one should avoid to avoid the tensions that may act as platforms that will affect the presentation of the speech.

To overcome glossophobia, according to the film, several steps should be followed. One of the steps to be adhered to is to ensure that one prepares well before the actual presentation of the speech. Preparation entails going through the topic of discussion and mastering the main points. The person to do the presentation should select a topic that is captivating and therefore interesting to the audience. Besides, the presenter should have an in-depth knowledge of the topic of discussion. It is vital for the presenter to have an understanding of the approach that he should employ for the presentation. The summary of the points to be presented in the speech should express different ideas. For instance, the first idea should speak about something that is different from the second idea. The set of the ideas should be grouped together and put in a well-cast worksheet. In the presentation process, the presenter should ensure that there is an introductory sentence that is followed by supporting an argument for each different idea. This should then end through the application of a powerful conclusion. The second part entails maintaining a good posture which indicates that has the authority. Similarly, before the public speaking individuals should ensure that they do not take heavy meals. While on stage, the people can take a bottle of water with them. Finally, the person should apply a facial expression that is welcoming. This is accomplished by ensuring that the person is not too serious.

Explanation of how I will implement the tips/advice explained in the video into my speech performance

During my speech performance, I will ensure that I follow the advice offered in the video through an employment of approaches that build my confidence in the public speaking. For instance, I will ensure that I maintain a good posture and put on a smiling face during the presentation.

Tips that I will give another public speaking student

The advice that I will give to another public speaking student is that anxiety hinders good public speech presentations. To that end, it is imperative for the learner to expel this emotion to avoid losing the audience. This can be attained through ensuring that the student engages in proper presentations, maintains a good gesture and physicality and others as elaborated in the film.