Voter Participation in the United States



Voter Participation in the United States

The United States’ voting is similar to that of a lot of the democracies. The leaders are chosen by the people to represent them. However, it has a twist in the manner in which the president is elected. This paper will expound on the different ways that the voters in the United States take part in the election.

Casting their Ballot

This is a right that has been provided for under the Twelfth amendment. Each citizen has the power to cast one vote for the federal legislators and the local representatives. Provided that on individual meets the requirements to become a voter, they can go on the election day and choose their preferred leader. These include factors such as being registered and being of the required age of 18 years. There are different ways that individuals are able to be registered in the United States. It varies from one state to the other. Some states have clearly stipulated time frames that individuals can be registered. After that period, one cannot be registered to take part in the elections. Some allow for the election date registration, automatic registration, whereas other states do not require any registration for one to take part in the elections. After casting their ballot, they will compute the results and the candidate who garners the most will be chosen as the representative. They directly vote for the Senator and their House Representatives.

Choosing their Electors-voter Participation in the United States

The Twelfth Amendment provides that the President and the Vice-President are to be chosen by the electoral college. These are individuals who are elected in a two-step process. The political parties choose one representative who is supposed to represent them on the election date. On the election date, the members of public come out and elect their preferred candidate. On the election date, Second Tuesday of August after every 4 years, these individuals will have their say in determining who will be the country’s next president. Therefore, the voters participate indirectly in the process of determining the President and the Vice President. In addition, these electors have recently been seen to be a clear representation of the citizens of the country. They have always voted according to the state’s popular vote.

Participation in the campaigns and debates-voter Participation in the United States

During the campaign period, the different candidates will always call for campaigns to listen to whatever the candidate brings to the table. Therefore, they will gauge whether they will choose their best candidate for the seat. Different bodies, organize presidential debates in order for the Americans to understand whose policies will be the best for the country. It is not part of the election processes but at the moment it is part of the De Facto election processes. These may be debates that are for the whole country or dealing with particular target groups such as the military and the youth. Therefore, the candidate comes up with different ways how they will deal with these individuals. At the local level, the candidates always call for public meetings. These are organized in order for the members of the public to come and interact with the candidates from a personal level. They air out their grievances and see how they will deal with their personal problems.


Conclusively, Voters can participate in the elections either directly or indirectly. Therefore, candidates are mandated to try to please them as a way of getting their votes on the election date.