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 Village Life versus City Life

The village and the city are both homes to all kinds of people. Whether one lives in the city or in the village or whether they were born there, everyone gets a chance once in their lives to make a choice on the best place to live. Both the village and the city have people who are passionate about living and what they do to survive in the world. People living in cities and villages all have dreams of what they want their life to be like and work towards improving their reality every single day.

Living in the city and in the village has its similarities. The most common similarity is both areas have people that work hard to earn their living. There are economic activities in both areas that help people earn some money for comfortable living. Both areas are also residential areas and have one form of housing or another, all that put a roof over people’s head. Both villages and cities are the fountain of life as people get married, have and raise children in both areas. Village Life versus City Life

Despite the fact that both villages and cities are areas for human life, living in both areas has its major differences. The first difference is the environment in the two areas. Villages are famous for their fresh air, beautiful green scenery and clean natural areas. Living in the city however, does not guarantee a beautiful environment. While there are spots with green grass and a few trees in the city, most areas are what is described as stone jungles. The city is made up of high rise buildings and other houses that guarantee residential as well as commercial areas. With so much demand for more buildings, cities have been left with little vegetation, polluted air and dirty streets, which villagers are protected from.

The amenities in villages and cities are very different in terms of availability and quality. The city due to its diverse population and businesses, offers more employment opportunities. In the city, people work in the formal and informal sector. It is easier to establish a successful business in the city because of the number of consumers. Many corporations are in cities and jobs are easier to come by compared to villages. In the village, businesses are few and fit the local needs which are few, making employment a lot harder. In the city, healthcare institutions are well equipped and of a higher standard compared to healthcare in the village. Village people often have to travel to the city especially to treat complex medical conditions. Education in the city is also at a higher level. This is because the best schools and higher institutions of learning are found in the city. In matters entertainment, the city again defeats the village in diversity. People living in the cities can go to the zoo, go clubbing or shopping, visit art centers, go to music avenues or visit high end hotels and many more exciting entertainment. Village people are not as lucky when it comes to entertainment. Most of my friends from the village only boast of taking long nature walks, biking, hiking and swimming in village pools. Clearly, there is not much to do in the village entertainment wise. Village Life versus City Life

The quality of life in both areas is also very different. Quality of life in villages is better and healthier. Villages grow their own food and have different kinds of produce from their farms. People in the village also keep farm animals for beef, chicken, pork, eggs, milk and cheese. This means that village people get to prepare their own fresh food and have a healthier diet. Cities on the other hand depend on villages for their daily supply of fresh food. This food gets to the city more expensive. This results in city people choosing to buy junk food which is relatively cheaper. Cities are also disadvantaged because even the fresh produce they get is not so fresh. In most cases, it is frozen and not as fresh as it left the farm meaning that it becomes less nutritious and less tasty. Due to the popularity of fast food in cities, a lot of city people suffer lifestyle diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Village people have lower chances of suffering from lifestyle diseases because of their healthy diet. In matters, exercise, village people are also advantaged because they have large recreation areas like parks, nature trails and their daily life is an opportunity to exercise. City people are not as lucky especially those who do not have recreation parks, cannot afford gyms and work desk jobs. Village people have a healthier life.

Cities and villages have some similarities and many differences in terms of daily life. While cities offer glamorous living and more chances at getting ahead in life, I would choose the village kind of life. The village life, promises people healthy food, healthy life, clean air and a beautiful environment. The villager is more advantaged and may get to live a more fulfilled life. The city is more money oriented but people can also make lots of money while in the village and doing ordinary economic activities in an extraordinary way. Village people get to enjoy both sides of life in one area, something that city people can rarely boast about. The simple village life wins over the city. Village Life versus City Life