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Video Critical Thinking and Reasoning

I concur with the sentiments of the speaker in the video regarding the challenge of scrutiny and accountability when it comes to the issuance and utilization of public funds to develop communities in Merseyside and other areas in Europe (Enterprise Research Centre, 2015). The proposed scrutiny techniques, such as supervisory policies and auditing, are an excellent solution that can help in fostering accountability. The funding of the European Union is vital, but it can only be effective if the allocated funds are utilized for their intended purpose. For instance, the communities and local authorities need to provide evidence that they completed the projects outlined in the reports for fund allocation.

The solution involving increased scrutiny and accountability through audit reports and monitoring of fund usage is excellent. However, there are situations whereby local communities and authorities shun this prerequisite and embezzle the funds meant for development. A suitable solution to this challenge is the European Union undertaking the development projects themselves, as seen in the infrastructural development done by China in developing nations in Africa (Diop, 2015). The European Union needs to have a pool of skilled labor comprising of workers from the local communities and other countries in Europe. These workers will undertake and oversee the development projects, including the allocation and the use of the funds to ensure there are no corrupt dealings or embezzlement of funds.

Targets are crucial in learning and completion of development projects. Nonetheless, deriving a positive outcome from the goals requires these targets to focus on the final impacts and the end consumers instead of being activity-oriented. Based on this understanding, it is inconsequential whether public development projects adopt the policies of the private sector. The important thing should be in the setting or determining of the targets.Video Critical Thinking and Reasoning


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