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Using Technology Tools in the Public School Program



Using Technology Tools in the Public School Program

The article titled as shown above aims at determining if the use of technology in a classroom affects grades, motivation, attitude and attendance among students. The study purposed to enlighten teachers on the integration of technology in the classroom to improve learning.

Data was collected by the aid of surveys made available to teachers and students. The study was conducted first without the use of technology within the class and after technology had been introduced in class. The subjects were from Kaiserslautern school district. For proper representation the study was inclusive of regular students and gifted students. They were aged between 11-13 years and shared a science class and the same teacher. The teacher used traditional method of teaching without technology in one class and taught four other classes incorporating technology. The survey was designed to have questions that were specific to the students and teachers. The questioned aimed at determining previous grades, attitudes towards school and motivation as well as attendance in relation to technology inclusion. Data was analysed through excel spread sheet.Using Technology Tools in the Public School Program

The results showed that teachers did not use technology as much. They cited problems of insufficient training on how to use the technology. Younger teachers also had more skills and were more likely to use technology. This made some teachers give up on technology. Among students however, there was a lot of excitement with the introduction of technology within their regular class. The students participated more when the class used interaction with the addition of technology. Class attendance and motivation improved significantly with the use of technology. In cases where the teacher used technology by himself in instruction, attitudes remained low. Low performing students grades improved the most because while they did not particularly understand teachers, their motivation on using technology and self –confidence gradually improved. For regular students however, grades remained normal even with the introduction of technology. Trained teachers were more motivated to use technology in the lesson plans which also improved the motivation of learners.

The study recommended that teachers be given sufficient training before the introduction of technology in the classroom. The study recommended the continued use of technology among learners especially underperforming students as they receive other ways of acquiring information. The study urged teachers to be better motivated at experimenting with technology in addition to the traditional method of instruction. The study also urged school heads to involve everyone at the beginning of technology introduction so that no is left behind. Most importantly, the study recommended that schools should have proper policies regarding the use of technology within the school to maximise on the positives.Using Technology Tools in the Public School Program

The major limitation experienced during the study was the amount of time it took to collect data, it was a whole semester. It also took a lot of cooperation to get the students and teachers to fill out the survey consistently. Teachers complained of lack of time as they had to do it during their free hours.


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