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US Agreement with Iran About Iran’s Nuclear Power


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In the recent past, news stations have focused on the agreement reached on between Iran and the U.S. concerning Iran’s nuclear power. There are also other nuclear tread agreements in place in other countries such as Pakistan, South Korea and North Korea. It is perceived that there is need to produce huge amounts of energy…..

Whereas technology may be looked at as ethically neutral, it is what human beings do with it that makes for good or bad consequences. An example of this is in nuclear technology where centrifuge plants are used to process naturally occurring uranium to obtain isotope U-235 used in nuclear reactors or weapons. Thus,……….

In recent times, there has been nuclear proliferation. Some engineers in the recent past have turned their knowledge of gas centrifuges toward making plans for these facilities to be available in the black market. Countries such as Pakistan and Iran have benefited from this. One major unethical aspect of nuclear……..

In my opinion, as more countries go nuclear there is need to investigate on issues such as the products being produced , the safety of nuclear facilities being set up in these countries, and the long- term consequences of………

The media have an important part to play in dealing with these unethical issues. In the past the media have had a habit of consistently not covering the most worrying aspects of nuclear issues. The media should cover more on this subject to give the public more exposure to the matter. In addition, nuclear mine workers………..