Unions have fought for the rights of workers for the longest time. They have fought for proper working conditions for members, better salaries and basic human rights. They are the voice that gives workers hope that change can be achieved. When  unions become weal due to corruption or via other reasons, then they expose workers to being misused by the employers. Weak unions do not have the bargaining power and as such tend to cater for the needs of only a few people in across the world. When the needs of only a fraction of the entire population are taken are of then the majority suffers and this leads to an increase in income inequality.

In periods of strong unions, income distribution was less unequal. Workers are presented better and their salaries got improved. Strong unions had a strong impact on how much workers could take home at the end of the month as salaries and wages. They ensured that workers received every cent of their labor. As such, the workers tended to earn high salaries to commensurate with the kind of jobs that they were doing. However, weakening of unions lead to more unequal income distribution due to loss of bargaining power. Why are union members decreasing with time? My best bet is that the faith in unions is dwindling and the fights towards better pay are getting personal. A united union results in income increase for its members, showing just how much a force they can be as a result of unified interests and ambition. Stronger unions lead to a better distribution of wealth through better pay. Due to better pay, employees even at the lowest levels are able to take home a good amount of cash. This in the long run has the effect of reducing income inequality since both those at the top as well as those at the bottom of the organization take home a fair share of salaries and wages. Unions have the ability to influence the political scene of any era. They can influence the voting pattern and thus make politicians pass bills which are workers friendly. Rising politicians take it up as a challenge to make a difference and to influence the workforce in favoring them at the poll. A striking union is bound to be listened to especially when they down their tools and evade work till conditions are improved. Negotiations are often times important in the return to work formula and change is made. Thus by downing tools the union ensures that the needs of its members are met.

Additionally, great income inequality is the undoing of unions as they are influenced by corruption. Weak unions do not make enough stir to be taken seriously resulting in further suffering of an already challenged workforce. Causation may seem like a giant but a passionate fight for rights and improve livelihoods through proper incomes. Poverty is a problem world over and homelessness and hunger are becoming a daily routine. Strong unions have the power to change the focus of the nation towards better economic times.

In order to solve the problem of income inequality caused by weak unions, there is need to make the unions stronger and more proactive in the economy.  When strong unions are formed then they will effectively fight for the welfare of their members. When the unions take a stand then the employers will be obliged to comply with their demands. Normally, unions fight for better working conditions as well as for improvement of workers salaries and wages. When they fight for wage increase then the workers are able to get better salaries which will ultimately reduce the gap in income inequality. Moreover, with strong unions then workers will be able to plan for their income and will not have to use it for unplanned activities. This is because the workers will know what exactly they will be earning  and if the money they fell will not be enough then they can protest through their unions. For any union to be a force to reckon with, the individual union will need to come up with a plan to increase its membership. The higher the number of workers that the union represents the stronger the bargaining power of the union.