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Types of research

Basic research

It is conducted to add to the researchers and other people existing knowledge. It is suitable for research that was already done. It does not result in any new innovative idea or create new information. Instead, theories are retested to gain more understanding or previous research loopholes are researched further to expand what was already done by other researches

Applied Research

It looks at real life situations and the problems resulting from life and looks at them thoroughly trying to find answers at to what causes the problems and how best to resolve them. This type of research aims at improving the quality of life. It uses science to find the foundations of the problems. This research is very helpful to humans especially because some human problems such as diseases are deadly.

Problem Oriented Research-types of research

Looks at the cases of existing problems and what cause the problems. It is like applied research only that it does not use science nor study problems necessarily affecting people lives. Problem oriented research solves a wide variety of problems in different institutions.

Problem solving research

It is research conducted by institutions or companies to solve problems that haunt them. Each company has their own problems and once in a while they aim at solving them in order to have more efficient processes.

Qualitative Research

It is conducted in natural places and questions are asked to understand practices or lives around that area. It seeks problems experienced in a certain area and wants to understand why they occur there. This research is concerned with regional phenomenon. Methods used in qualitative research are face to face interviews, focus groups, ethnography, text analysis and case studies.

Quantitative research

Quantitative Research involves data collection and data analysis to get results. It uses numbers and statistics to explain a phenomenon. The population sampled is bigger than that of qualitative research. Research methods in this area include close ended questionnaires, online surveys and polls.

Sample of work from Saudi weddings ETEC644-Types of research

My project on understanding Saudi weddings was Qualitative Research. My sample was small and consisted of six participants. I used open ended questions to get their views on Saudi weddings. My questions consisted of five questions. I wanted to know the most popular age to get married in Saudi Arabia, what is served in weddings, the bridal dresses that girls wear, the bridal attire for the men and traditions observed at the wedding ceremony. Results indicated that most girls were married before the age of eighteen years and some as young as 15 years. The most popular dishes at weddings were rice, lamb, chicken, yoghurt, potatoes and dates because they are easily available. Men wore Arabic dress in weddings as symbols of tradition while bridal dresses are white as a symbol for purity. The dress codes also aim at creating a division between men and women at a wedding. The traditions involved in the wedding include giving cash to the bridal home and ensuring that the bride’s future home is constructed and finished and ready to accommodate her.

Reflection-Types of research

Conducting this research opened my eyes to the possibilities and education that research brings forth. I discovered that conducting research was not as hard as I thought it was and learnt the importance of committing to what I set out to do because I could see results. After conducting this research, I even developed an instructional design meaning that I could also teach my students what I had discovered during the research and broaden their minds on customs around the world. ETEC 644 has introduced me to a world of possibilities.


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