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Types of diabetes, causes, symptoms, and treatments.

The two types of diabetes are insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).Insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus is caused by failure of insulin to be produced in the body, inheritance in the family or viral infections. IDDM or type 1, diabetes, have symptoms like, frequent thirst, frequent urination, loss of weight, mood change, weakness and fatigue and impaired vision. To treat both types of diabetes is to have dietary maintenance to avoid obesity, Glycemic index which involves frequent measuring of blood sugar and insulin to help regulate it and check of blood hemoglobin check.

NIDDM or type 2 diabetes is caused by obesity, high body fat accumulation, aging, physical inactivity, family history and depression. The symptoms of this are almost the same as type 1 they include: being extremely thirsty, frequent urination, lack of sensation in your hands and frequent yeast infection.Types of diabetes, causes, symptoms, and treatments

  1. 2. Effects of eating too much refined carbohydrates and, 5 examples of foods that are refined and that should be limited in your diet. 

Too much refined carbohydrates can be harmful to human body. It can lead to body tissue shift which causes swelling of some body parts. It also causes liver break down hence, toxic accumulation in the body. Refined carbohydrates also bring obesity due to imbalanced fat in the body and also large amount of calories. Diabetes is also caused by excessive eating of refined carbohydrates which consist of high sugar levels in it. To add on that, it causes heart health, this can be heart attack.

We have refined carbohydrates which should be avoided in human body these include: fruit and energy drinks, bread and grains, snacks, sweets and other confectioneries, alcoholic beverage. This should be taken in very low amounts.Types of diabetes, causes, symptoms, and treatments