Tylenol, 1982



Tylenol, 1982

In the year 1982, it was announced that thirteen people lost their lives because of taking a drug known as Tylenol. The pills of this medicine were bought in an area that is situated in Chicago. As a result, “Johnson & Johnson” recalled its Tylenol medicine products. It was suspected that an individual had access to the retail shops and introduced potassium cyanide, a chemical that is fatal, into the bottles that contained the drug. Approximately, thirty-one million bottles of the medicine were recalled. The drug was used by the people to relieve pain.

“Johnson & Johnson” Tylenol products recall affected the company immensely.  To begin with, the firm came up with a way that ensured that there were reforms in the way that the drugs were packaged. This exercise was time-consuming and costly. Besides, the company spent a lot of money in reaching to the media to create awareness against the use of the drug. Moreover, the operations of the company were jeopardized because they had to deal with the problem in hand before thinking of making of more drugs. It took place through the change of the scope of work of the organization. For instance, the business requested various individuals to return the products. Furthermore, anyone who had information about the whereabouts of the suspects was to be awarded immensely.

Equally, Tylenol drug recall impacted people in various ways. For instance, it led to confusion among the members of the police, the company responsible for the making of the drug and the entire public. The police had a different narration from the drug maker of how the poison may have reached the bottles of the medicine, and this confused the public.Similarly, Tylenol drug recall affected the financials of the firm in a negative way. A lot of money in the form of investments was applied to induce the changes that were appropriate in the ensuring the safety of the drug. For instance, a lot of cash was used in changing the packaging of the product.

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