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The trip to Guatemala

Guatemala is an American country found in Central America. Actually, the country is famously known for its rich history, incredible cultural and scenic beauty. It is normally referred to as the birthplace of ancient Maya offers ruins, rainforest and natural beauty. Their traditions and rituals intertwined together with the cultural practices, forms their rich and indigenous identity.

The trip to Guatemala, was an experience I looked forward to for a long time. Equipped with a little superficial knowledge about the country, I could not help but smile imagining how much I was going to experience. Before the actual visit, I had to read a few materials to get fully acquainted with the necessary trip advisory information.

We arrived at the La Aurora International Airport at around 1400hours. Much to our expectation, the place was busy with people coming in and going out of Guatemala. Everyone seemed so engrossed in their itineraries to the extent of assuming they were all lost in their different worlds. We took a Taxi to the Clarion Suites Guatemala City Hotel where we had preserved our places a week prior to our visitation. The hotel had quite an ambience to reckon with, not to forget the warm reception. Their rooms were spacious and fully equipped.



1st Day

We woke early for a hearty breakfast ready for our first day in Guatemala City. Being a whole new experience to us, we decided to try the Guatemalan breakfast offers. The typical Guatemalan breakfast is composed of several assortments. We were presented with several options to choose from, ranging from chocolate, coffee, orange juice, pancakes, grilled cheese, carrne asada, salchichas among other options.

Figure 1 Guatemalan breakfast (Stewart, Iain, 2009)

We then embarked on our tour of Guatemala City. A very busy city indeed. The traffic jams on the roads due to many vehicles; the shuttle minibuses which ply mainly the tourist routes, the buses which ply between towns and cities within and outside Guatemala, Tuk Tuks, the train, Chicken buses among others. The contrasting environments, starting from old dilapidated buses belching fumes next to new BMWs and Mercedes Benzes, beautiful hotels and mediocre cafes, makes the whole city fascinating. Most of our first day was spent in the La Aurora Zoo enjoying the view of wildlife.