To Kill A Mockingbird



To Kill A Mockingbird

Step One

The narrator tells us how his brother Jem broke his arm at the elbow. He was a football player but was worried that he would never play football again. He is happy that he can continue playing football. She goes head and tells us the story of her ancestors as she recounts her family history. They can mostly recall Simon Finch who was an important part of their family. He cam to Alabama as he was escaping persecution by the Methodists. He decided to start a farm and along the banks of the Alabama River. This farm was referred to as Finch’s landing. It was the family’s major source of food and income.

Her father was the first to take a different route. He was decided to be a lawyer in Maycomb. The narrator’s uncle, became a doctor at Boston. This meant that the farm was left in the care of her aunt. Her father’s occupation has enabled them to live in the town’s main occupational area since their father can make a good amount. In the house, they are raised by Calpurnia who is a black maid employed to keep an eye on her and her brother. They have a good life in the town. When she was 6 and her brother 8, they got a new neighbor, Harris. He came to visit his aunt and is rather fun to be around. One day they have a conversation about Boo, a man who was placed in the house by his father as a punishment for going against the law. This story is given from Jem’s account. We understand that he was in hi thirties and a legend has been put in place that he usually come out at night and walks around the neighborhood. Dill is a daring boy and he even bets with Jem that he should go and knock on Boo’s door. However, the legend of Boo frightens Jem but he does not want to show that he is scared. The dare is changed to him just touching the door and it relieves him. They do this so that they can see if Boo wills get out. They are disappointed since they see only mere movement from their porch.

Dill returned to Meridian in September. The two children also had to prepare for school. Scout was just starting school. He was too excited. Jem takes her to school. At school, their teacher is Miss Caroline who spends the better part of the day reading to them Cat stories. When I came to the point of reading aloud, Scout was chosen and she amazed the class that she was literate. However, she said that she should not be taught anymore because it would interfere with how she reads. She thought that it was her father but Scout said it was the mobile register that Miss Caroline does not believe. However, we later realize that Scout learnt to read on her own volition. This was with the help of Calpurnia who set for her reading tasks. Miss Caroline is always mad threatening individuals and even saying that he will burn people if she hears more noise from that class.To Kill A Mockingbird

Scout describes school as projects that are all auspicious and joined into one unit. Her father had been elected for 10 years without opposition in the town that is comprised of a huge percentage of white racists. Scout has made it a habit of always racing to Radley’s place. She one day met with some peculiar but it went back before she could see it well. Later when she got home, she was eating something in her mouth that Jem made her spit out as both for Scout’s health and Calpurnia’s well-being. It was almost summer and they were all happy as they waited for it eagerly. They were mainly waiting for it because of Dill. He came 2 days after they had closed school. They enjoyed their time together paying various games. For example, they played with the tire which led to mixed emotions. Jem was too mad that his sister contradicted him but did not say it openly. It was evident since from there he was yelling and looking at Scout furiously.To Kill A Mockingbird

They went to the house for lemonade and Dill brought up the Boo topic again. Jem and Scout has nothing new on their side. All they knew was that he was in the house but they could not prove it. They decided to progress their game as the summer also progressed. They all had their roles. For example, Dill was the villain. We can see that he was good at acting and could get into any character. The children played various famous stories such as Tarzan. They came up with various scripts which even included Boo. He was played by Jem. He would always attack Dill. They would also play Mr. Radley who used to see them but they would pause when they saw him. He had no idea of what the children were doing.

One day, when they had reached Chapter XXV, they got into trouble. They did not see Atticus come into the scene and they were reluctant to tell her whatever they were playing. However, the major reason for him being mad was that they were with the pair of scissors which was dangerous. Jem and Dill then decided to cut Scout out of the play because she was too nagging. However, she would be involved in the plans when they needed a third-party.

Scout decides to spend the better part of her time with Miss Maudie Atkinson. She loves spending time at her place because she makes the best cakes around that area. We learn that Uncle Jack had some history with Miss Maudie. One day, as they were talking, Miss Maudie starts telling Scout stories about different people in the neighborhood. What catches her attention is one about Boo’s father. Scout understands that they belong to a group known as foot washer Baptist which is different from the Baptist that she knew. Further, she is told that they were too busy preparing for the next world that they are unable to interact with the others in their communities. Scout attributes Boo’s behavior to the manner in which the lived their lives.To Kill A Mockingbird

Jem and Dill are still eager to see Boo. They device a plan that involves them having to pass a note to him using a fishing pole. Scout broke their plan when she woke up unexpected and found Jem and Dill in the backyard. She figured out that their plan and they had to include her in the plan. They had a plan but were confused of what to write to him. They do all this in order for them to help Boo feel much better. They write on the note and why put it on the pole and walked towards the house. Jem and Scout were the ones to get the note to Boo. Dill remained as he kept watch. They found it hard to drop the note. In the process, Atticus caught them in the act again and she warned them about meddling in Mr. Radley’s affairs. They had no reason to do so. They agreed and he went into the house.

They go to the pond with Dill and his aunt. We are introduced to Mr. Avery who they once saw peeing from his porch. However, she does not have her way as the others opt to stroll around. However, that is weird since it is not in their culture to have people walking in their town. They had planned to go to Radley’s place. She is reluctant but she is shut down by Jem when he goes all misogynistic on her. They go to the house and decide that Dill was the one who was to look into the window. Therefore, they elevate him but unluckily he meets with a wall of curtains and Jem opined that they leave the premises. Scout was against the idea of continuing their stakeout but the others decided to go around the back.

A squeak of the stairs made all of them have chill and it became worse when Scout saw a shadow. Dill saw it also and they were all on their feet rushing to the fence by the schoolyard. The thought of the shadow made them unable to walk as casual as they had hoped. When they reach home, there is drama and everybody is outside including Mr. Radley. He was standing outside his gate with a gun in his hand. He had shot a Negro. However, it did not hit him since he had shot into the air to scare him. However, people realize that Jem does not have pants on. None of the children realized. The situation is worsened when Dill brings the issue of playing strip poker which is prohibited. Jem opts for them to say they were playing with matches. They end their day as everybody goes to their homes to call it a day. Jem however decides to go looking for his pants which he finds and return as his sister wait were him at their porch. He sat on hi coat

It was the beginning of a new year and Scout joined the Second grade. One day after Jem’s one week of moodiness, he opened up to hi sister about what happened when he went back for his pants. He found them on the fence and it was weird since it was as if they were expecting him. He says that somebody knew that he was coming. They do not talk a lot about their issues. Scout starts telling us about her second grade she says that school was not of value as she thought and she may only learn something of value when she reaches 6th grade.

South Alabama does not have clearly laid discrete seasons. At times he seasons prolonged, more say, fall was usually long. They however had their first winter. They even had some light snowfall. It is cold on that day and Atticus ensures that Scout put on her robe and coat. They are woken up by shouts that Miss Maudie’s house was on fire. They rush to help. They salvage some furniture. The house is however to the ground.To Kill A Mockingbird

Scout is amazed when she realizes that a blanked was put on her shoulder. She opens up to Atticus about their issue and their encounters with Boo to him. He was the one who put the blanket over her shoulder. She is too scared when she realizes that Boo was just behind her. Atticus says that she should keep the blanket on her. They go back to their house. The next day, they talk to Miss Maudie about the incident and she looks to be jovial. She says it was too big and she wants to build a smaller house with a big garden.

One day in school, Scout and Cecil Jacobs nearly got into a fight. It was because she provided that Scott’s dad defends negros. One of his clients was a black man who was accused of raping a white lady. Him taking the case was not well with a lot of the members of the town. He was doing saw all because he wanted justice. He knew that there was not chance that he would win the case. Uncle Jack came home and they spent a week at Mycombe. On Christmas, they decide to go to Finch’s landing. The farm is still run by Alexandra and his husband. He meets with Francis who is boring and a whole lot of trouble. For instance, he lies that Scout called Atticus a ‘nigger-lover’. It leads to Uncle Jack whooping her ass. Later, uncle Jack listens to Scout’s story and he is furious at the issues that Francis said.

Their community was slowly changing and moving toward the town center. This makes them do most of their trading at the town center. They have to interact with Mrs. Dubose, who is always shouting at Jem. However, Atticus ends up forcing him to be more of a gentleman to her. Mrs. Dubose is sick and old. We realize that he is just cold. One day, she brings about the Nigga issue which makes Jem go off, and he destroys his Camellia bushes. Atticus punishes Jem by making him go and read to her for a whole month. Most of the time, Scout would always accompany him. He is able to go through the month. Some weeks later, she is dead. At this point, Atticus explains to the children the cause of her death. She was addicted to morphine. Jem feels bad when Atticus tells him that he was helping her fight her addiction by reading to her. One day, Jem is given a white camellia which Mrs. Dubose had given her maid before she died.

Step Two-to Kill A Mockingbird

This chapter is about the different people in our societies. Everybody is about their lives and trying to always make a living. However, there are certain members of the society who are weird and draw attention. In this chapter it is Mr. Radley’s family. It is because of Boo and their process of preparing for the afterlife. The children are always amazed with this issue and Boo and try to get him out.

It was in the mid 20th Century, one of the issues that stood out was racism. We get a clear picture of the society in various ways. Firstly, they openly refer to the blacks in the society as negroes. Even from Miss Catherine who is their teacher. It is a vice that would eventually get into the children. It is clear when Scout and her family go to the farm for Christmas. They meet with Francis who refers to Atticus a nigga-lover. It is information that children should not posses but we can get that his parents may have been responsible for the issue. Secondly, we see that most of their workers are blacks. Even in their home, Calpurnia is a black lady. Lastly, all hell breaks loose when Atticus decides to defend a black client. We even understand that the justice system was not just as it was supposed to be. He is sure that he will not win the case.

This is information that reiterates our understanding of the society at that particular time. We see the issue of having a religious society. Boo’s family is made up of pure Methodists and they are into the life that they do not interact with their neighbors well. In addition, we see the issue of racism and further slavery in this community. It is so entrenched that even the justice system is comprised of individuals who do not fight for everybody. Atticus loses his cases because he had a black client.

Step Three-to Kill A Mockingbird

Question 7


The narrative starts with the story of Simon Finch. He escapes mostly due to persecution of the Methodists (4). This is by a group of individuals whom he refers to as liberal brethren. We see that Mr. Radley and his family are also Methodists. Not the regular Methodists but they referred to themselves as foot washers (45). They believe that anything worldly, even having fun. They take the Bible literally.

Racism-to Kill A Mockingbird

The society was mainly comprised of white racists white individuals. This is during the slave-era and it was expected of the society. They were southerners and were mainly slave owners. They refer to black as negros. For example, Radley was known to shoot at Negroes. It made them have to cut across the school field for their own safety (9). Boo was locked in the courthouse basement when because Radley did not want him to be locked alongside Negroes (11). This makes us understand that the criminal justice system was mainly meant for the Negroes. After the children’s escapades in Radley’s backyard, they come and find a commotion only to be told that Radley had shot a Negro (55). Even though he did not shoot at him he fired into the air to scare him away.

In addition, the society is out right mad at Atticus because he defended a Negro. Cecil Jacobs insulted Scout claiming that he was a negro-defender (77). This led to them almost fighting. Atticus tries to teach his children not to be racist. For example, he tells scout, “Of Course, I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s Common” (77). Scout was confused why it was a big deal and even ass his father, “Do all lawyers defend n-Negroes?” (77). When they went to the farm, it was clear that they had slaves. They were the ones who did all the farm work. He provides that “… when Finch Negroes had loader bales and produce…” (82). To Kill A Mockingbird

We later realize that the society is racist and they are always looking for a reason to hunt a Negro. She provides that, “Why should reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a negro comes up… (91)” We also see that the black ladies were the ones who took care of the people in the society. Jem and Scout has Calpurnia and we get to know that Mrs. Dubose lived together with a Negro girl (103). Lastly, the name nigger-lover is an insult. Scout is explained to by Atticus that it is not usual for the people in this society to favor Negroes (112).

Question 5To Kill A Mockingbird


We get to understand that this society is made up of slaves and slave-owners. The Whites have it better because they take the good jobs. The others are mostly given the farm work. We see that they take care of the children and also the other older people in their societies (103). We realize that it is an issue for Scout to tell her teacher that it was Calpurnia who taught her. She used to giver her the literacy tasks. She gave Scout these tasks to keep her busy (19). We further see the issue of race popping up when it comes to Atticus’s case. He is referred to a Nigger-lover, which we later see to be an insult (112).

Justice-to Kill A Mockingbird

When Boo was arrested, Mr. Radley says that he does not want him to be locked by the Negroes. It meant that in this society. Only the blacks were being jailed (11). He had to be given special treatment and was locked in the courthouse cells. He was later locked at home. We get to see the epitome of equivocal judgments when Atticus clearly says that he will lose the case because his client was black (108).


We see that Atticus is a really ethical person. Firstly, he stops Jem and Scout from getting into Mrs. Radley’s business. He says that they are free to go ahead and live their lives as they deem best. Secondly, he decides to take the case based on his conscience (108). He provides that it is all since he is working with his consciousness and also since he wants justice to prevail. Thirdly, he tells Scout not to use the word Negro because it is sought of an abuse (77). He says that he is too common and he wants her to be different. Lastly, we see that he sends Jem to go and read to Mrs. Dubose as a way of helping her deal with her addiction (113).

Feminism-to Kill A Mockingbird

This chapter has both good and bad sides of the women rights. On the good side, Scout’s father and brother entrust their sister to be in control of the farm (5). This is rare because the males in the societies will in most cases refuse to leave property in the hands of a lady . However, some readers may infer this to mean that they were both educated and she was uneducated. In my view, it is a good move. In addition, we can see that Scout is shut down numerous times by her brother. At the beginning of the story, he is mad that she can go against his stand. It leads to him yelling and looking at her furiously. In addition, they decide to stop her from being part of their Radley movie only giving her the extra scenes. Lastly, Jew tells her, “Don’t be a girl about it” (54). His means that she is weak.

Question 3To Kill A Mockingbird

The main problem facing the main character is that she is in a society that she does not conform to their ways of life. At the beginning of the book, she is hated by Miss Caroline because she can read (18). In a typical school, she would be rewarded instead of being yelled at. However, from her actions, she believes that she can be better. For instance, she is always against Dill and Jem’s plans but she is shut down even before she opens her mouth. Therefore, she always goes ahead and gets tangled in their issues. For instance, she was against Dill’s plan to go into Mr. Radley’s residence (53).To Kill A Mockingbird

After she gets into the fight with Cecil Jacobs, she gets into trouble because she was the one who started the fight after she teased her father. Later on, she is spanked by Uncle Jack when they go to their farm for Christmas. It is because Francis claimed that he called Atticus a nigga-lover whereas it was the complete opposite. We can therefore realize that Scout loves adventures. These are adventures that she is mostly put into by Dill and her brother. She will be the one in trouble but will not be able to stand for herself. Therefore, it leads to her suffering. However, she never gives up and tries to do what is best for herself.