Buy Existing Paper - This semester,we’ve been discussing persuasion

This semester,we’ve been discussing persuasion



This semester,we’ve been discussing persuasion by looking at the most obvious and pervasive form of persuasion in our culture, advertising. But as we come closer to the end of our semester, we can see how persuasion is tied to almost everything we do, and is always already part of any segment of life.


As you’ve begun to research a question you are interested in as it relates to persuasion, I’ve asked you to consider how you would present that information (or a piece of it) in an ad. This requires you to take the skills you’ve learned in the rhetorical analysis of a visual, earlier in the semester, and pair it with your research. You must use image and words together to achieve maximum impact. Much like the Abusters and Brandalism ads we’ve looked at, that have layers of meaning in them due to their use of symbolism and plays on words.


For example, a student of mine researching how cool functions among millennials (who are all about the Uggs) in Florida, created the ad I described in class. She had a friend pose by a palm tree in a mini skirt and tank top—and her Ugg boots! The image included the words in bold at the bottom, “Are you cool or are you hot?”


The image in this ad points out the idiosyncrasy of wearing fur-lined boots in St. Petersburg, Florida, where a cold day may include an overnight freeze, but will reach high 60s by midday if not more. But the words in the image emphasize the message while also making the secondary point that fashion trumps comfort. Because hot can mean thermally uncomfortable or visually pleasing, and cool can mean thermally comfortable or fashionably pleasing, the question at bottom allows for the fact that wearing Ugg boots in Florida leaves on in the position of being all those things at once.This semester,we’ve been discussing persuasion


A good ad takes an image and words and combines them in this way to create impact.


I suggest you use words sparingly. Make sure they work with your image. If combining images, work to make the combination seamless (if you need help, let me know). If using more than one image, make one dominant.



You will be asked to write a one-page explanation of what you attempted to accomplish with your ad.



Your explanation will account for 40% of the grade (it must be written in proper academic prose, and must comprise an analysis of your own image). This will be graded both on your writing and on your application of the analysis tools you have learned in this class to your own image.

Your ad design will account for 30% of the grade (whether you created an image that appeals and functions well with the words).

The final 30% will be the overall relation between the two (whether you achieved the goals stated in you