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Norms, either implicit or explicit, refer to rules or guidelines that define the manner in which people are expected to behave or communicate with those around them. Since my childhood, I have had several socially interactive learning experiences within the academic setting. In this environment, both implicit and explicit norms have been very relevant because they define ways in which students are expected to handle themselves when interacting with each other and the material they learn in class. From my early years, I was taught some basic concepts such as learning to trust others, showing respect to them, and sharing what I have with those around me. Over the years, these implicit norms have continued to support my participation as a learner. I have also found these norms applicable in a wide range of situations.  Being kind to others, showing respect for them, and being a good neighbor has helped me to build relationships over the years.

When I started to attend school during my childhood years, I was also introduced to a wide range of explicit norms that outlined how I was to conduct myself at that level. For instance, I was taught to raise my hand whenever I needed to say anything in class. It then became a rule that raising one’s hand while in class signaled his or her desire to speak. This particular explicit guideline helped to ensure that the process of learning took place smoothly. This, in turn, gave me the opportunity to understand what was being taught in class and to grasp every point that was mentioned in lass either by the teacher or my fellow students.Think-Write

Both the explicit and implicit norms defined the manner in which learners behaved and communicated. The implicit norms cultivated a level of ownership among us as students. More importantly, they helped every learner to build mutually respectful and beneficial relationships. They also enabled us to understand from an early age the expectations that the community had from us after as we continued to attend school. This, in turn, made us change our behaviors.