Buy Existing Paper - Things CAU Can Do to Develop College Students With High Potential

Things CAU Can Do to Develop College Students With High Potential



Things CAU Can Do to Develop College Students With High Potential


Developing sustainable enrichment programs and services: CAU should ensure that the programs it offers are modified in response to factors such as changing student demographics, educational trends, and staffing. To achieve this, it is crucial to investigate the learning of gifted students to establish if the current system at the institution meets their needs. CAU may analyze the current curriculum and instruction being offered to these students to determine if any modifications are necessary. By engaging in these processes, the institution will be able to continually enhance and improve its existing programs. This way, it would provide more inclusive service to the identified learners, resulting in the more effective development of students with high potential.

Financially and socially supporting students from low income-backgrounds to access curriculum: CAU should support talent development among college students with high potential but from low-income backgrounds. According to Miller and Gentry (2010), talent possessed by high-potential students that hail from low-income families oftentimes goes undeveloped when educators fail to provide the required support and encouragement. Their views are supported by Tomlinson and Jarvis (2014) who note that colleges and learning institutions must understand the underrepresentation of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minority groups in terms of the wider practices and contexts. Based on the research conducted by these authors, it is evident that one way that CAU can develop students with high potential is by supporting their access to the curriculum.

Implementing a curriculum that is both multidimensional and multi-level: One attribute of high potential students is that they possess unique characteristics. To develop them, CAU has to provide appropriate learning experiences by differentiating its curriculum. This will, in turn, enable the institution to cater for differences that emerge in the rate and pace of learning among the target college students. The approach would also help CAU to offer the education that avail opportunities that suit the individual abilities of the students.Things CAU Can Do to Develop College Students With High Potential




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