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The YouTube Aided Student

It is no doubt that students rely more on social media today like old students depended on books in the library. One of the most visited media of information is YouTube. On YouTube, information is passed in the form of videos. This is an easy way to learn because people generally respond better to pictures compared to words. A student watching an informative video on YouTube is likely to learn more than one who is reading the information in a book. Books are sometimes tedious and boring. However, a video is interesting and summarises a topic faster.

YouTube has several interesting features. It has a search engine where one can type in anything and find it within seconds by the click of a button. Information is received faster. YouTube also has a library where a student can download a video for later use and learn during time away from the classroom. The trending feature on YouTube helps students immediately know what is happening within their surroundings thus receiving new interesting information in real time. You tube also has a subscription feature. In subscription a student can identify the channels that have information most relevant to them and ask for timely updates as soon as new information is available.

Lastly, YouTube can be used by a student to pass relevant information as well. In the process, the student is not only receiving information but passing information as well. This is possible through ‘my channel’ feature also available on YouTube. YouTube has changed the way students obtain information in the classroom, by shifting focus from teachers and books to personal research. Outside the classroom, YouTube has changed the student view that they have to be within school to study. Now they can study efficiently anywhere outside the classroom.The YouTube Aided Student