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The York Massacre

  1. It is appropriate to discuss the killings because they are a part of history. History is a detailed story of events as they occurred and not describing the deaths would be doing history an injustice. This history is also important in revealing a cruel part of mankind the ugly part about it and can serve as a lesson in future of how ugly hate can get. Describing the killings provides an example to look back to so that people never go back to such a desperate point to kill and torture innocent people instead of finding solutions to problems. Discussing the killings also helps trace the causes of the wars and attacks and find lasting solutions.
  2. It would be appropriate to discuss the event as genocide because the Native Americans were killed deliberately. The Wabanaki sent some children and old women away meaning that they would have done the same for the rest instead of killing them. The Native Americans were not given a chance at defending themselves. The number killed is also relatively large for an event that occurred for only a few hours. Most importantly, the attack was against a particular ethnic group.
  3. Wabanaki attacked villages for reprisal warfare. There was also conflict caused by race and religious differences between the French, Wabanaki and the English. The Indians attacked villages to hunt for Military officials to kill them mostly for personal revenge. Another reason for attacks was for retaliation of past wars.
  4. Military used to attack villages to establish their control over them. They wanted to rule them by force. The Military were also often in competition with each other over who would establish the rule of law. The military wanted the fertile lands and attacking villages meant conquering more land.
  5. The important lessons include respect for human life, respecting other people’s property and way of life. Better solutions need to be found for problems instead of wars. We still talk about these events because it’s part of the American history telling of the early beginnings of a nation. We talk about the events so that we never go back to such injustice. We talk about them so that we never forget just how fast lives can be completely destroyed. Today’s society needs to hear about these events because people will never know better if they have not been taught better.The York Massacre