The Word Trump is enough to derail a Class

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The Word Trump is enough to derail a Class

The article explains why Trump’s political ideologies had become a strain on the education system. The 2016 presidential campaigns continued spreading lots of anxiety and also stirred tension which was both ethnic and racial nature in classrooms all over the nation, United States. This was according to a survey which was done by SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Centre) which is a nonprofit organization. Out of the five thousand comments which were said by teachers all over the country, a number more than one thousand stated Donald Trump as the front runner and this was all captured by the nonprofit organization. one high school teacher of Arlington gave a report in the survey that a number of students had told her that they felt alienated or rather separated from a teacher who taught them mathematics because the teacher supported Donald Trump.

The issue sets a controversial tone in the education sector as people of different races and religion struggle to come into terms with Trump’s ideologies. In a tiny community called Pampa which is located in the Panhandle of Texas where almost half the number of students are Hispanic, one teacher who taught middle school stated that the word Trump was just enough to make a class derailed. The Southern Poverty Law Center, took note that the survey they took of around two thousand teachers from the twelfth grade straight to kindergarten level was actually not scientific. This reached email subscribers and visitors of the website (Wasik, 2016)

Nevertheless, the collected data indicated a problem which was termed as disturbing throughout the whole nation and one that is in particular acute in the schools with a large concentration or rather a high number of children who are regarded as of a minority group more so race or religiously. This was according to the nonprofit which is based in Alabama. According to the results of the findings of the survey, more than two thirds of the total number of teachers who gave a reply to the survey gave a reply that many students have had the same fears regarding what would happen to their families after the presidential election in the United States. More than half the total number gave a report that discourse which is uncivil politically has rampantly increased. (Stone, 2017)

More than one third number of people witnessed a sentiment which is anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim .more than forty percentages of people are quite reluctant to even teach the children about the election. The questions of the survey did not single out any other candidate but the name of trump kept popping up all the time. Trump gave a promise to deport millions of immigrants who were unauthorized and even put up a wall between Mexico and the United States. Trump also kept on showing support for requiring all the Muslims in the United States to register in a database.The Word Trump is enough to derail a Class…..