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The Theatre Project

            Just like the project’s name suggests, my experience with my group members was like a theatre affair. There was drama, there were disagreements, there was making up and regaining lost love and most importantly, there was learning and sharing.

In the very beginning after being assigned to the group, I didn’t feel like I knew anyone on a personal level. They were all faces that I had interacted with in class on a shallow level. Then here I was, in a new group of people that I was supposed to make a successful project with. Our first meeting was basically a few hellos and getting to know a bit about everybody. During the decision making phase, turbulence was experienced as we fought on who should do what and who’s idea was the best and what we should incorporate into our project and what to leave out. This phase was not very pleasant. However, along the journey we got to know each other a bit better, learned self-discipline so that everyone in the group was respected and understood. From here on we worked with little disagreement because everyone had a task at hand and was focussed at making their contribution a success. At the end of the project we were friends with lessons to keep and a successful project at hand. Working with the group is a wonderful and unforgettable experience-the Theatre Project

Witnessing the other group’s performances was fun. I didn’t get to see the behind the scenes drama, but I am grateful that their performances gave me understanding of other people’s lives. Every group presented something that was a part of their culture and I have more knowledge about different groups now than ever before. Other performances cleared my misunderstandings about other cultures and other countries. I also got to learn something new with each presentation. Each group’s presentation looked well put together so I am sure that they also had important lessons on working together in the end.

My contribution to the group was a piece about education in United Arabs Emirates. I researched on the education topic, put together slide presentation and presented what I had learned in the process. My focus was on the differences between education in the past and in the present. I focussed on the kind and quality of education in the region. In the past, there were no formal schools, just religious lessons at the mosque or out in the street. Then the United Arab Emirates earned wealth from oil and formal schools were built to produce professionals to work in the new career fields. Presently, UAE has a stable education system with classes from kindergarten to University level.

As an international student, this experience was the best opportunity to learn about different cultures and travel the world in one sitting by listening to different performances. I learnt the experiences my classmates have had in the United States. I got to hear the struggling stories of their immigrant parents and grandparents. I learned from the project that anyone can survive anywhere regardless of the problems in the beginning by remaining focussed and strong willed. From my working with group members on the project, I take away important lessons on friendship, respecting other people’s opinion and working successfully in a group with different members with unique personalities and different backgrounds. The project taught me resilience, maintaining focus and the importance of making a conscious effort to be best in my small contributions. I have learned that no task is too difficult to undertake once one has a vision in place.The Theatre Project