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Migrant Diaries: Communicating in Pop-Culture Nation


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The studying “Migrant Diaries: Communicating in Pop-Culture Nation” by Chigozirim Utah, has discussed that the world is currently largely interconnected and there is evidence of interdependency between the nations of the world through diverse processes. Multidirectional flow of people and information has been reported and it is contrary to popular belief like ‘Everyone is migrating to the West’. This globalization is serving to eliminate any notions culture is bound to specific regions. There is a need to be flexible to be able to adapt in the different regions of the world we may find ourselves in the identity not only includes how we see ourselves but also how the people that we deal with are seeing us. However, this does not imply to forget a person owns background, identity and culture. Popular culture eases intercultural communication and understanding but sometimes it can be constrain. Knowing about different cultures has advantage as one can borrow one or two features from different cultures. We need to show interests in other cultures. Strangeness of transnational experience is expected. There is no need to be afraid of looking foolish if this is the way of mixing the diverse cultures or making the cultural bridges.

Through diverse processes our globalized world is tremendously interconnected and interdependent (Tomlinson, 2007). (Ritzer, 2010) adds that multidirectional flow of people, objects and information is on the increase. This flow is not restricted to be from developing to developed countries as (Ratha & Shaw, 2010, p. 2) notes that about 74 million of the migrants who are from developing countries reside in other developing countries. These people like to bring their culture in the place that they reside in which then gets integrated to the existing culture at that place with some aspects preserved. (Goodman, 2007) explains that globalization contradicts the common ideas which are that culture is bound to specific regions.

Popular culture serves to shape us to be fit to cohesive the exist in diverse cultural backgrounds by easing intercultural communication in various ways. We have to make our decisions about to either resist new ways or have to adapt to a new culture.

No man is an island and no country is absolutely self- sustaining meaning that interdependency is here to stay. With this, interaction with people from all walks of life with their diverse cultures is bound to happen. Popular culture makes us fit for this and we really cannot do without it.

The studying “Migrant Diaries: Communicating in Pop-Culture Nation

Utah, C. (2016). Migrant Diaries: Communicating in Pop-Culture Nation. In K.                       Sorrells and S. Sekimoto (Eds.), Globalizing intercultural communication:                                  A reader (pp.218-226).  Los Angeles: Sage.

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The studying “Puerto Rican Punks, Globalization, and New Media: A Personal Account” by Ramirez-Sanchez, R., has discussed the new media in the global