My friend Floyd is such a slob. During P.E class, the teacher asked us to do squats. Floyd instead started doing sit-ups, despite everyone else doing squats, Floyd kept doing all the wrong exercises after that. Last summer, Floyd and I were enrolled in a summer camp, Floyd being the slob that he is kept doing all the right activity but at the wrong time. He kept going to the stables when we were supposed to be cleaning our camp area or going to lazy on the beach when it was time to prepare dinner for all.

My slobby friend Floyd hates holiday traditions. Last Easter we were all invited to the neighborhood Easter celebrations. On getting there, Floyd kept jumping around the decorated Easter eggs and finally stumbled on them and broke all the decorations! Floyd took upon himself to help his grandma to distribute cookies as she does every year for the entire street during the end year holidays. His grandma refused the idea but Floyd insisted that he was up to the task. Floyd had only made two deliveries when he stumbled back home having eaten the rest of the cookies!THE SLOB FLOYD

I managed to tag him along on my visit to the library. We had gone there to find comic books because it was vacation time. We sat down to read and Floyd kept laughing aloud in huge spats and tapping the table loudly when he read something funny. This despite the clear keep silence sign directly in front of him. The librarian warned him on two accounts to which he responded by loud comments like ‘what!?’ ‘You can’t be serious!’ ‘But it’s funny!’ He was kicked out later. Floyd in the cafeteria during lunchtime and sitting at his table, kept spilling food on the table that he shared with other students. He even managed to spill food remains on the student next to him as he rose up from his lunch!