The slave trade

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The slave trade

In the rise of the slave trade, the rot in the systems that governed man, the lack of consideration to such basic human rights; this and many other factors led to a period in the history of mankind that should not at all be forgotten, it led to the slave trade; barbaric treatment of other wealthy and so called civilized peoples to the poor the needy and those hapless. As said and I quote “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. It was presumptuous and hypocritical for the founding fathers to consider slave trade.


In support to democracy which the founding fathers of the nation such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson championed for, they did not realize that democracy was all round and not just for the natives of America but also for those who it housed in spite of the circumstances that led to their arrival there, Jefferson by the time of his death had 136 slaves at the time of his death, was he a creepy and brutal person yes he was because if there was a treason against all hopes it is what was perpetuated by the founding generation which in all ways failed to place the nation on the road to liberty for all. What are the historical forces that lay behind the motives of these two key figures that is Jefferson and Washington, it is a fact that they were both born slave holders and from such an early stage it was maybe implanted in them the involuntary act of barbaric treatment, this is very hypocritical of what they championed for; democracy.


Occurrences such as the pervasive use of violence in Europe to maintain order are a clear indicator of how far the key figures had allowed slave trade to go. In the early ages when one was a gentleman he did not work, the founding fathers who drafted and fought for peoples rights would have seen through this but they did not instead they turned a blind eye; it is also true that slavery was a key factor in the American revolution “global capitalist system independent of any individual’s will”, this was what in the end became of the revolution in relation to slavery, it was slave labor that pumped up the American economy in the beginning. The discovery of valuable minerals such as gold and silver meant that there was no turning back literally, the slave trade had to go on. The founding father was aware of the contradiction but he turned a blind eye toward it that is Jefferson.”he proved incapable of overcoming it”. Jefferson in his last letter does not condemn the act of slavery instead he stands for what he stood for to the very end in his belief in slave trade. In conlusion though it might be viewed as simple mindedness to condemn the forefathers of the slave trade, it is true they had a stake in it.