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The Role of Men in Cooking lessons

Men play various roles. Both Louis and Brigida’s father play the role of husband. Brigida’s father plays the role of fatherhood because he is also a widow raising his children alone, a task which seems to overrun him sometimes. Men play the patriarchal role over women in their lives. Brigida’s father is always on her case because she never seems to be doing anything right. Luis her husband also thinks she is silly and gives her instructions like she can’t think for herself. For example in the case where her husband runs late he tells her not to wait up and go to bed. Men play the guardianship role in the woman’s life. Luis and Brigida’s father both act like fathers to her even when she is a grown woman and are always advising her on what is best for her. Luis her husband questions her the same way he would question a child.

Men in both books play the providers role and are always at work while their wives remain at home. In both books men play the entertainers role. In cooking lessons, the woman has to dress up and wait for her husband to go out for dinner. Brigida has to wait for her husband to take her to a vacation he keeps postponing. In both books, men play the perfectionist role. Brigida is expected by her father to study what she is not interested in. in cooking book the wife is afraid to show her husband her imperfections like the lack of cooking skills.The Role of Men in Cooking lessons

In the ‘Cooking lessons’ book, the husband plays the role of dictatorship. He expects a lot from his wife while the same does not apply to him. He expects his wife to be faithful while he goes around cheating.