The Role of Elementary Teachers in preparing students for the SATP in History



The Role of Elementary Teachers in preparing students for the SATP in History

It is imperative for elementary teachers to focus on enabling their student to gain historical knowledge and use the understanding that they have learned in the classroom in real life situations. To that end, the instructors have the role of teaching history with a purpose and not for the mere objectives of promoting the gaining of knowledge of the concepts by the learners. Irrespective of whether the instructors are employing “transmission teaching” or “doing constructivism”, the teachers should ensure that they guide the students through the application of appropriate standards that stipulate the ways that the advocates for transmission technique or the doing constructivism approach can use to ensure that the students have a retention of the information that they have gained through the class activities.

Equally, the role of the teachers in the preparation of the learners for the SATP in history is to promote an understanding of the abilities that are beyond and above doing well in the examinations. The instructor should shift the attention towards ensuring that the students can apply the concepts, ideas and the knowledge in solving real-life problems. This is termed as the “criteria for Authentic Intellectual work.”

Similarly, the instructors should be in a position to help the learners in the construction of knowledge. During this process, the students should be taught how to develop their ideas and not to imitate the works that have been done by other people. The kind of information that has been gathered through the construction of knowledge should then be passed through disciplinary inquiry to ensure that it meets the needs of the discipline. To that, end the instructors can ensure that the students can apply the understanding of the concepts in real life situations by providing that they involve them in the group discussions.

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