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The robbery in the Wanabaki territory



The robbery in the Wanabaki territory

The most shocking topic is about the robbery in the Wanabaki territory. This is the story full of irony where the Wanabaki community received the foreigners only to realize later that they were there for ill motives. The Wanabaki were robbed their land, peace and culture with the people they expected to give them civilization. It is indeed shocking ,to receive a negative delivery from who the Wanabaki were optimistic about. The artists and other visitors, used their precious land to market their interest and in turn tortured the Wanabaki community. They were forced to change their habit, economic activity, living standards and  source of food to survive.

It is indeed shocking for the Wanabaki to start getting hostility from the people who came in as philanthropists. They turned to be who were egocentric and grabbed everything in the land including the resources, the Wanabaki used to get income i.e hotels. It was dreadful for them to bring more foreigners who came and dominated the land and exploited resources instead of using them to benefit the inhabitants.

The most interesting topic-the robbery in the Wanabaki territory

The most interesting story is about Henry David Thoreau. This is the best of all as it gives encouragement in day to day life. Henry is true to himself as he openly condemns evil in the society. He also does his work with passion and aims to benefit all in the society. Through his skills of writing he inspires many to live a simple life and accept their status which is much interesting. It is also motivating to see how supportive he is when he and Emerson support each other to achieve the same goal. He shows that he is a team player, and not an egocentric associate.

It is also motivating on how he overcame all the challenges faced throughout his life. He focused on education until the time he got the approval as a professional. Henry condemns idleness and embraced hard work and simplicity.

The most depressing topic

In the story of York massacre, there is the gloomy mood due to the evil happenings between the Wanabaki and foreigners. The Native Americans were killed due to the ethnic rivalry. There were conflicts due to, race and religious difference between the French, Wabanaki and the English people. There was war all through as people were full of rage and quest for revenge from the past, bitter, experiences. The military also did not play their part of keeping peace instead, they hunted for dominance.

There is no respect for humanity in every inhabitant including the Wanabaki who seemed to be human at first. Life is full of injustices, torture and genocide. The old, young and women are undergoing the same persecution without consideration. It is therefore embarrassing to face such bitter life with no good past or clear future.

The best thing I learned from this class-the robbery in the Wanabaki territory

From the class I learnt that, different communities have different traditions which can be very important to them morally. This is evident in the Wanabaki communities. The best life lesson gotten from the class is that, diversity in understanding communities leads to wider thinking and appreciation of others. Apart from that, I got clarity on how to be self reliant and do research both from the class assignments and many books read.

From interaction through lessons, I got a lesson that different people have different opinions on matters religion, culture and gender. From the inspirational stories, I learnt that hard work and determination pays. To add on that I acquired the knowledge on how to have problem solving skills in order to avoid conflicts. There is also a great lesson where, I got the significance of studying history and embracing it. The class was therefore very educative in day to day life and professionally.The robbery in the Wanabaki territory