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The red paint people are the first people to occupy or rather to explore the the shore of north America together with Mount Desert Island. The name the red paint was given to them simply because of the obsession they had for make up.  The Americans are the native people of the islands. Later the wabanaki people came to the island to do their businesses that involved trade. The wabanaki ended up living on mount Desert Island. These natives and non- natives encountered a lot challenges regarding their social interactions.

The challenges that the native and non-native folks faced on mount desert island.

Before, the native folks lived in harmony but once other non-native folk managed to find their way into the island the area was dominated. The wabanaki struggled so much to make ends meet. In most cases the children could stay with the mothers as the fathers were out at the bar habor marketing crafts,  renting canoes and peddler to the natives, fortune telling, selling crafts, baskets and many other things that they were capable of doing.The red paint people

The wabanaki people could rent canoes to the Americans and this restricted them from job opportunities. The rusticators took advantage of the mount desert island boat opportunities like sport hunting from a canoe and those that had no canoes would rent from the wabanaki people. The wabanaki people went through a number of hardship by acquiring all the resources to make boats, baskests and also canoes and the locals could not assist in any way. Most of them slept in tents that they made and very few would go and rent cheap rooms in town so that they can sell all the goods that they hand made. Another challenge was the issue of identity. The wabanaki are Indians and therefore they felt inferior due to their colour. The natives did not respect them and therefore excluded themselves from them.

What problem solving could be conducted to meet the needs of the wabanaki people?

The wabanaki people encountered a lot of challenges in their stay at mount desert island . therefore in order for them to meet their needs they could do the following; one is that they could try as much as possible to come up leaders who would protect them and represent their needs to other leaders of other natives. This could create good relationship among them and they will all live in harmony with each other. Another thing is that the wabanaki people could represents their concerns for the employment of the youth, resulting in improving their living standards. the wabanaki children could have access to free education so that they ould also dwell on education and not only making baskets and canoes at the bar habor.

How would an understanding of the wabanaki people have helped make for more peaceful and positive interaction?

The wabanaki people had skills on boat making, boat riding, fishing, making basket, making yachts, crafts making decorating baskets and canoes. All the natives knew was riding the boats and sport hunting. If these locals interacted with the wabanaki people from the word go then they would have had peace and worked together with the others. This would have led to intermarriages among the wabanaki people and the native as a result leading to hamony and peace. If the native could not take advantage of the wabanaki people and welcomed them in one peace then mount desert island would be prosperous to date and would be considered as on of the best memorable areas in the entire world.The red paint people