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The Pursuit of De-Stressing Hobbies


Every person has some hobby, though many are not aware of it. One common misunderstanding about a hobby is that it is taken as something that we do in our free time. While this might also be correct, but I would state that hobbies comprise of all activities that we enjoy doing in our free time. Many also turn their hobby into their profession. I have often wondered that there might be people who love to do nothing, would their hobby be sleeping or doing nothing? Even doing nothing is an activity since it involves your mind to constantly think and re-think your past, present, and your future. These kinds of things lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, my essay will argue on the importance and benefits of healthy hobbies i.e. hunting, volleyball, and soccer.

Soccer-the Pursuit of De-Stressing Hobbies

Everybody has different hobbies that make them happy and feel relaxed. I have many hobbies but I would label soccer as my favorite one since it is an integral part of my life. The game of soccer is a popular sport that is played all over the world. It is a good source for relaxation and shaking off the stress of my daily routines. Soccer is definitely my life since I cannot live without it. My parents told me that I had started kicking the football around when I was three years old. Since then soccer has become a near obsession. This game is interesting and enthralls the players as they score goals against the rival team. Whenever I score a goal I am overjoyed and feel as if I have just achieved something of great importance for my team and myself. It is not simply a game of kicking and shoving the ball, in fact, this game involves skillful teamwork and enables the player to develop strong sportsmanship.

Furthermore, while I kick the ball and give my best during a match with my friends I feel relaxed and the whole day’s exhaustion instantly dies out. This healthy game makes me stronger and more reflexive. Sports can never be bad for one’s health and life. I practice soccer for two hours on every weekend and ten to fifteen minutes every day. Playing soccer requires minimum equipment; you just need a ball and friends to play. However, you can also play alone and learn tricks while kicking the ball against the wall. What I love most about soccer is that it requires no specific place, it can be played anywhere. With more practice and dedication, I have also been able to develop some master tricks which I use in my games as well.


Talking about ball and teamwork; volleyball is next in the line. In the beginning, it was hard, but our sports teacher made it a point to have us love the game. At first, my hands would hurt after every volleyball practice. Later on, it turned into a passion. I just love the way it works; run, pass, set, dive, hit, score, yell. It is the perfect teamwork. Likewise, soccer teamwork is the spirit of the game. We have each other’s backs while making sure we give our best. Volleyball can be played anywhere within a proper sized room or place. It can also be played while on a vacation at the beach.

At homes, it can be played in the backyard. Similar to soccer, it requires minimal equipment; a volleyball, net, and people. Generally, I make it a point to play volleyball at least twice in a week. To me, this game is not so much about winning, it is the platform to interact with my friends while playing a game we like. Teamwork makes failure and losing less complicated as it brings the team together and closer to each other. Also, volleyball gives me the much-required adrenaline after an exhausting and frustrating day. The body might be tired after a game; however, my mind is definitely more focused and clear.

Hunting-the Pursuit of De-Stressing Hobbies


I would like to mention a controversial hobby which is hunting. I take it as a sport, however, this sport is quite different from the hobbies I have mentioned previously. Hunting requires one similar skill to soccer and volleyball: focus. I find hunting an exciting and thrilling hobby. Coyote hunting is my favorite kind if hunt. It also requires a variety of sills apart from focusing. It is a generally agreed fact that all enjoy the act of pursuing something stealthily. With coyotes it is different. They do not have to be pursued in a stealthy manner, but with the appropriate calls and voices. This factor makes the hunting experience more exciting when you actually imitate animals in order to lure them to the spot. For the production of such sounds, no extra equipment is required. My mouth can perform this job as good when I do it properly. Calls blown from the mouth are easier to carry around while being abundant in variety. While hunting with my uncle, we never use electronic calls. I started coyote hunting with my uncle about four years ago, and since then it has become my secret adventure. At times, I do not mind the cold weather despite the fact that it makes hunting difficult, but also more challenging and exciting. I agree that hunting is unethical, but when it comes to wild animals, I consider it okay to hunt them once in a while. When I was a kid I loved to watch movies where hunters went into the forests with their mates. Their pursuit of the animal, the tension between the aiming and the kill, everything seemed pretty intense to me. Everything was a matter of pulling the shot at the right time. Timing and aiming tactics are the key components of the hunting game. Some people take hunting as an act of killing for fun. Whereas, people like myself take it more as a sporty contest.

Conclusion-the Pursuit of De-Stressing Hobbies

To conclude, hobbies help us escape the daily pressure and stress of life. It is important to take up de-stressing hobbies: soccer, volleyball, and hunting. The adrenaline rush helps the mind to relax and re-focus on important matters like studies and jobs. I consider those hobbies as perfect which tire the body, but make the mind clearer and the heart a happier place.