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The Killing Joke Review

The ‘Killing Joke’ is both a comic book and a movie about the superhero Batman and a villain called the Joker. The Joker was not always bad but a series of bad events like a failed career in comedy stand-up, a mix up with bad guys and the death of his wife leads to the birth of a villain who is out to prove a point that one bad day can make anyone mad. Batman is the good guy determined to keep evil away from the street by talking the Joker out of his evil ways before they are forced to kill each other. The Joker does continues to leave a trail of devastation by crippling Barbra and torturing her father in a rundown amusement park while Batman is on the hunt for the Joker and rescue of Commissioner Gordon. The book is a powerful superhero story that is unique by telling the origin story of the villain.

The comic book is an excellent read with powerful word play. It is easy to read more than once because of how good the author is with words and suspense. The plot is wonderful and the flashback scenes helped tell the backstory of how the Joker became the villain. The plot flows perfectly event after event and is only momentarily interrupted during the Joker flashbacks which are not bad, because they only feed to the story. The character representation is on point especially with the villain because his illustration is scary. The joker has super white skin, super red lips and green hair which are a scary look. Also, the Joker’s words and actions are mean such as the torturing of Gordon by stripping him naked and showing brutal photos of his hurt daughter to him during the torture process.The Killing Joke Review

The representation of Batman as the superhero is on point because of the words and actions he takes. He seeks goodness for everyone including the Joker and even visits him while in jail. The artwork illustration of the characters is good and it is easy to identify who the exact characters are and what they are doing at any particular time. The illustrations help the story to flow without a hitch. The comic tells the best story of the Batman series so far and even people who are not into comics find the story telling compelling and entertaining.

The movies, like all other movies adapted from books, disappoints at some point. The beginning of the movie is the first disappointment because it begins with Batgirl narrating a few events. Even the movie makers knew that this was not part of the book and show this when Batgirl says “I know this is not the beginning you expected…” After the narration, there is a whole scene of Batgirl and Batman chasing down robbers. This scene is unnecessarily long and is not even in the comic book and one keeps wondering what it is all about. Some parts of the movie have very poor animation as the illustrations are poorly drawn. The movie could do better with graphic illustration of things such as the bikes used during the road chase. The unnecessarily long additional scene between Batman and Batgirl can also be improved.

Despite this few weaknesses, the movie had major points. The voice interpretations were great for each character as they brought out the nature of the character better. In the movie unlike the comic, the character called Barbara is given much more airplay than is necessary because she is not a big part of the story. Animations gave the story the boost of motion pictures giving it more action than the comic book. Some scenes in the movie such as the end part where Batman is talking to the Joker word for word from the comic book which is refreshing. This parts help people that have read the comic book not be too disappointed with the movie as they can relate. The movie also did a good job in portraying the suspense found in the novel and it is not too obvious to the watcher because it would have been boring. The artwork in the comic book was phenomenal and captured emotion so well that by looking at a character, one could feel their emotions. The artwork in the movie however, needs more work on some parts to improve picture quality.The Killing Joke Review

The comic book is a display of great penmanship and I would recommend it to any book lover whether they are comic fans or not. It is an entertaining book. I would recommend the movie to those people that do not enjoy books as much. To superhero lovers, I would recommend both the movie and the comic book because they love their comic regardless of the form.The Killing Joke Review