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The invention of race” means that races as we know them today did not exist in the past but were invented for white supremacy and slavery to take place.

  1. England and Spain played the role of homogenization and domination in the system of racial classification.
  2. The Moors were Muslim inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula that controlled the area until1492.
  3. 50-100 million indigenous people occupied the America’s before Columbus arrived.
  4. When a country colonizes another, it invades their territory and establishes exploitation and domination over the indigenous population.
  5. Once Europeans arrived in Americas, indigenous people died from Old World diseases such as chicken pox and cholera, warfare and voluntary poisoning.
  6. Mohtecuhzoma was the ruler of Aztec empire and when Cortes arrived, Mohtecuhzoma’s attitude was welcoming.The invention of race
  7. Cortes was a famous explorer who led a band of soldiers licensed by the Spanish Crown to capture the lands and the riches of the ‘New Land.’
  8. The plantation system played the role of domination in the “invention of whiteness.”
  9. An indentured servant is a person that is bound to an employer for a fixed amount of time before they are freed.
  10. Native Americans were not permanently enslaved because they knew the lands well and could escape, they came in handy as guides and trappers in the fur business as well as the fact that their numbers were declining at a fast pace.
  11. The Middle Passage was the voyage from the west coast of Africa to America across the Atlantic and the journey was two to three months long.
  12. Inventor Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin that made the production of cotton easy and increased the demand for cotton and this led to the growth of slave trade.
  13. Harriet Jacobs declared that slavery was much worse for women because they were forced to bear children for enslavement by the any man their master chose for them and were raped by their masters.
  14. Enslaved persons fought back by open revolution where they killed whites, in subtle way such as over salting food and through unsubtle ways by burning buildings and crop fields.
  15. Rubin Stacy was a homeless farmer who knocked on Marion Jones’s door to ask for food. Marion reported him to the police, and while being transported from one jail to another was lynched by the KKK.
  16. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was an agreement to cede New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California from Mexico to America.
  17. The Trail of Tears was a 1,200-mile journey where Cherokees and their slaves were transported from Oklahoma to Arkansas and many died as a result and people wept thus the beginning of the name Trail of Tears.
  18. European immigrants to the US became White under the guise of ethnicity, by fighting for their rights through unions, by using racial segregation to their advantage and by lashing against ‘nonwhites.’
  19. Eugenics is a program set forth by Francis Galton in a bid to ensure genetic purity.The invention of race