I commenced the interview by requiring the ESL students to give me the ways through which they believe that mobile games can be applied to the enhancement of building vocabulary. The response that I got from one student was as follows, “I was once advised by my class teacher to start learning English Vocabulary through the utilization of mobile games. At first, it was challenging because it was something that I was not used to. However, through the guidance of the tutor, I was able to master how to apply mobile games to enrich my English vocabulary. Today as we speak, I have been using the mobile games to enrich myself with new words because the words appear in pictures or diagrams”. Besides, I wanted the learner to give me an answer on how mobile playing games assists the students in gaining writing skills. The answer that I got was summarized in the following quotation, “I am used to the playing of the games that focus on spelling and the pronunciation of the words.”  Besides, about remembering the words, this is what the respondent said, “I learn and review the English words through the playing of the mobile games.”THE INTERVIEW WITH ESL STUDENTS

From the three responses that I got from the ESL student, it can be established that playing mobile games by learners is imperative because it is the channel through which the learners learn new words as well as the way the words are spelled. In other words, the children’s ability to read and write is enhanced. Playing of the mobile games, as revealed by the respondent is critical because it acts as a catalyst that motivates the students to read because of the reality that they play the games that most interest them. However, the respondent subscribed to the view that the instructor is vital in the process of learning vocabulary through the mobile games because it is their guidance that will enable the students knows how to apply the games in the identification and the comprehension of new words.

The second portion of the interview focused on how mobile playing games motivate the students in the process of learning vocabulary. In this case, the respondent gave the following answer, “It is easy for me to be inspired to learn new words and their usage through the playing of the mobile games because through the games I am exposed to new words as I receive the instructions. This acts as a motivational tool in the process of acquiring new vocabulary because of the desire to have the understanding of the instructions of the game. The response given by the learner is an indication that mobile games are critical in building the desire of the students to have the knowledge on the meaning of several words.THE INTERVIEW WITH ESL STUDENTS

Finally, the last question required that the respondent give an answer on the significance of the utilization of mobile games in the classroom activities. The response that was given was as follows “I use about ten minutes of my class time to read about vocabulary through the use of the mobile games.” This answer is an indication that there is a time allocated for the reading of new vocabulary in ESL which then creates an atmosphere favorable for obtaining the definition of new words and hence enriching the students with vocabulary.

In conclusion, the above discussions illustrate that playing of the mobile games by the students is vital because it enables them to obtain English vocabulary through offering of a platform that motivates them to do so. It is therefore, essential to apply mobile games in the teaching of vocabulary to ESL students.