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The Internet Is a Help to Schools

The internet is a new acquisition in most schools. Parents and teachers however are still struggling on deciding whether it is a good or bad thing. The internet may have its disadvantages such as distraction from school work but it has its positives as well. The internet helps solve problems in schools.

One of the problems is smoking in school among young people. One study used the internet to prevent smoking and stop smoking all together and the results were profound. The web assisted tobacco intervention program used an interactive website known as the Smoking Zine, where youngsters interacted in a bid to stop this addictive behaviour. The results showed that those who were already smokers were helped by significantly reducing their need to smoke and quitting eventually. The non-smokers were helped by the website by reducing the likelihood of them taking up cigarettes. All this was achievable by motivation through the internet. The internet in this case provided schools with a way of dealing with the problems of tobacco addiction among adolescents.

The internet is solving educational problems in schools. An article ‘The importance of internet in education in schools’, shows that the internet helps in the following ways. First, internet applications such as Google respond in real time, helping students get an answer to their search immediately and learn something new as a result. Secondly, teachers use the internet to design lessons so the internet is the new tool for instruction. It is an added advantage to school textbooks. Thirdly, having internet within the school helps students to be self-sufficient and learn on their own. They learn the best way to create a search and derive the best lessons. Sending students home with homework that needs an internet search does not guarantee that they will do the homework themselves. However, when students are within the school, they are their own sources and the internet just a tool in the learning process. In this case, the internet helps solve learning problems in schools.The Internet Is a Help to Schools

The internet is solving the distance problem of students connecting with other students and managing a web presence. In the article ‘How students benefit from using social media’, having internet in school helps students share their experiences with other students in different regions of the world. Through the internet, students are exchanging opinions and ideas though social media platforms effectively. Through these new experiences, learning is not constricted to a particular geographical area. In the current world and in the coming generation, an online presence is essential. Installing internet in schools helps students develop proper internet presence because they use it for meaningful purposes within school grounds. They use the internet to communicate with fellow students as well as teachers on school-related topics. Internet in school helps students to form meaningful friendships where learning is encouraged. Internet in schools is therefore bridging the gap of student’s forming meaningful connections.

Looking at these three articles it is evident that internet does help schools to solve problems, in the articles, having internet in schools helps students quit addictive behaviour such as cigarette smoking. The internet has also solved the way teachers access new information and the timely manner in which the students receive information they are looking for. Finally, the internet through social media improves the social lives of student interactions helping them learn meaningful social media presence. These three articles show that the internet stopped being a medium for just chatting among students but is changing the way they learn. The internet is a problem solving tool on school grounds.The Internet Is a Help to Schools


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