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The history of Coca-Cola



The history of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the largest beverage company across the globe. It operates in virtually every part of the world. Even in the remote of the remotest villages in Africa, you will always find a shop selling Coca-Cola beverages. In general, Coca-Cola serves over two billion people every day. The company holds 43% of the beverage market share living to its mission of refreshing the world in mind, body and soul(Coca-Cola, 2019). It is through such great determination that the name Coca-Coca is familiar even with children. It has competitors such as Pepsi but they have not managed to dislodge it from its patch. With the strong market command it has, Coca-Cola will only continue to enjoy increasing revenue especially as it continues to bring new products to the market.

History-the history of Coca-Cola

The history of Coca-Cola began in 1886 with the curiosity of Peter Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist(Coca-Cola, 2019).  He made a drink from cocaine and caffeine extract and touted it as a tonic drink for most ailments. It was huge success and it was liked by customers. Pemberton bookkeeper, Frank Robinson came up with the Coca-Cola name and scripted it making it the trademark for Coca-Cola up to now. In 1891, Griggs Candler purchased Coca-Cola and incorporated it the next year. In 1893, the trademark “Coca-Cola” was registered in the U. S. Patent Office. Under Candler’s leadership Coca-Cola grew exponentially. It started selling beverages hundreds thousands and it became the multinational company it is today. Today, one will find Coca-Cola products in every corner of the world.


The Food and Drug Administration is an organization endowed with responsibility of protecting the general public health. The organization has to maintain high standards of public health by ensuring food safety except the ones controlled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture like meat and poultry.  Moreover, FDA has the responsibility to make sure human and veterinary drugs, vaccines as well as other biological products are safe and work as expected. Through the efforts of FDA, companies like Coca-Cola are required to observe certain standards as far as public health is concerned. If a company fails to observe these standards, it can have its licence to process or manufacture a certain product revoked. The company can also be forced to pay certain amount of money as compensation to the government and its victims.

Importance of Coca-Cola Supply Chain

Coca-Cola being a multinational company has a large and extensive supply chain. This chain is made up of thousands of farmers as well as suppliers who supply Coca-Cola with raw materials for instance, machinery, commodities and packaging.  Through its partners, Coca-Cola is able to deal with huge workloads. It demands a conducive working environment from its partners to ensure that there is constant flow of materials. Coca-Cola operates using local channels which are the bottling companies. In a given country, Coca-Cola has bottling partners who buy the syrup from Coca-Cola and bottle it into different beverages. Coca-Cola retains the brands and it is involved heavily with marketing and responding to complaints from customers.  The Coca-Cola bottling partners are thus involved with manufacturing, packaging, merchandizing and distributing to both vendors and consumers (Coca-Cola, 2019).

After the bottling partners have bottled the beverages, distribution partners take over and distribute the products to vendors. The vendors sell the products to the customers and the process begin again. The consumers are made up but not limited to restaurants, grocery stores, street vendors and movie theatres.  The bottling partners have to work with consumers to determine the best strategy to use in selling Coca-Cola products. The collaboration among the different partners on the supply chain has ensured that Coca-Cola remains as the dominant power in the beverage market.The history of Coca-Cola




















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