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The Five Scapes of Globalization

The five scapes are ethnoscapes, technoscapes, ideoscapes, financescapes and mediascapes. Ethnoscapes is the movement of people across different boarders in different countries separate from the ones they are originally from. Ethnoscapes occur because of people searching for better jobs; better lives, better education and other advantageous opportunities as well as tourism that they feel are not available in their countries or are better elsewhere.

Technoscape is the flow of technology from one part of the world to another that is yet to experience a particular technology. Ideoscape is the flow of ideas from different parts of the world as they are shared on international platforms such as Facebook and can benefit people that are miles away from each other. People however have the freedom to choose which ideas they implement and which ones they reject.The Five Scapes of Globalization

Financescapes help boarders around the world to exchange money for one reason or another. The world is so interconnected today by Financescapes and issues affecting money flow on one side of the continent can affect another in a different part that relies on the same avenue.

Mediascape is the flow of entertainment, ideas, politics or way of lives from different parts of the world through the influence of the media. Media enables different parts of the worlds to learn from each other and understand each other by exposing practices and beliefs of different areas to areas far away.

I identify more with mediascape because I am always interacting with students from different parts of the world through platforms like Facebook to learn more about education in their countries. I also listen to music from different parts of the world and watch movies on Netflix that are from different boarders but that have been made possible for consumption through media channels.The Five Scapes of Globalization