The Evidence by Camisha L.Jones



The Evidence by Camisha L.Jones

L.Jones, C. (2018). Poems that Resist Police Brutality & Demand Racial Justice – Post #16. Retrieved 15 February 2018, from

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The poem is a resistance against racial discrimination and specifically about police racial profiling. The victim is an unarmed black boy but the white court makes the victim a police officer who is armed. They say the police officer was afraid of a boy yet the police officer is the one who chased and gunned down a boy, not a man. The victim of racial profiling is not identified for his fear of an armed policeman running after him but his mistakes were, the color of his skin, the fact that he was alive, his hands which have been labelled ‘thieves’ and ‘violent’. The boy is killed but was the evidence provided enough? This is a protest against a white police racial profiling of an innocent black boy (L.Jones, 2018).

Paul Robenson-American crusade against lynching.The Evidence by Camisha L.Jones

Robeson, P. (2011). Retrieved from

The video is about Robenson listing all the injustice the Negro has gone through and all they have done for America. He is so confident that he goes on to warn that the world is theirs too. That the black deserve it too.

The black man of his era has worked the plantations, joined the civil war, has worked the industries, has gone through the lessons of reconstruction, but yet has been betrayed by Republican barons, industrial barons, and southern plantation owners.

For all this, the black man’s silence, loyalty and obedience has been rewarded with lynching by whites. The lynching is warranted by black men talking back against mistreatment or walking in liberty that the white supremacists think is wrong. Robenson was speaking in 1946 at an anti-lynching rally. The speech is a cry against injustice to the blacks (Robeson, 2011).