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The Effects of Video Games to Children and Teenagers



The Effects of Video Games to Children and Teenagers

Over the past years playing video games has become one of the most important part of normal and daily routine for both adults, the teenegers as well as children. Video games have had both positive and negative effects to the children. Parents, therapists, teachers and reasearchers have their own perspectives on the use and effects of video games, be it action video games or educational video games. Reasearchers believe that video games have led to poor academic performance to children, led to violence and caused addiction. On the other hand reaserchers also understand the positive impacts of video games like helping the gamers to develop self monitoring together with good coping mechanisms. Parents perspective is that playing video games leads to laziness in doing other things instructed unless the parents too play the video games withtheir children then they will also encourage the children to play.

On the other hand therapist believe that playing of video games can be used as a strategy to treat children and adolescents. Playing video games promotes social, emotional, cognitive and also physical growth to games help in treating children tith imparement disorder. A good example we have dyslexia which is a specific disorder that results to poor reading and spelling abilities. A working memory is very crucial in translating letters into phonological code and therefore playing video games makes the brain and memory active, in response acting as a treatment to dyslexia.

Teachers play a vital role in the effectiveness of intergrating video games in classes. Teachers attitude towards educational video games affects the learning of children. According to the research done on Saudi Arabia teachers, is that a high number of teachers like educational video games even though some of them do not play, this is because playing video games enhances students  social abilities as well as skills and their behaviours. They also enhance the learning environments. The Effects of Video Games to Children and Teenagers