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The death penalty


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The death penalty is a punishment of administered to criminals; mostly those who commit capital crimes. They are punished by execution. The people who are administered this punishment have to be legally proven of their guilt…..

History of capital punishment

The history of death penalties dates back as far as the eighteenth century. This occurred Babylon in the code of King Hammaurabi. This penalty codified a total of 25 different crimes. In fourteenth century BC…………

During the 10th century A.D., was the usual method of execution in Britain. William the Conqueror came………..

Death penalty in America

America‘s use of the death penalty was greatly influenced by Britain. Capital Punishment in America was brought by the European settlers. The earliest recorded execution in the new colonies was of…

Newspapers have been publishing these debates airing people’s views. This information can also be found in a variety of websites. Those who are against this idea consider……..

What is fascinating about this topic is that it has two contradicting views, and both have strong arguments to support their points. International human rights organizations claim that individuals should be punished…….

Impact of the death penalty

The death penalty has failed the state governments’ objectives of reducing crime rates. Apart from this act not……