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The Daisy Dolls

The main characters in this short story are Horace who was the owner of the black house near the factory. He is married to Marry but desires Daisy a doll made to loom like Marry. He collects the Daisy dolls and appears obsessed with them. He is passionate about collecting dolls and he has a sizeable collection of dolls. Another character is Marry who is the wife to Horace. She likes pulling pranks on her husband. She has a good relationship with her husband and loves to see him happy. Another character is Daisy, a doll that has been made a character in this short story. She is made to look like Marry and she is the favorite doll for Horace. Walter is another character in the novel and he loves to play piano. He is a pianist and plays the music in the glass case scenes. Alex was also a character and he is the Russian with a beard. He is the servant for Horace and Marry. Another character is Frank who is the manufacturer of all the dolls that Horace has. He is the one who manufactured Daisy and continues to make upgrades. He has a passion is building or manufacturing dolls.

In conclusion I think the story depicts our modern society. Horace reprents men who keep dolls like in Japan where the number of men who prefer having toys as their companions is increasing rapidly. The story also illustrates how things are changing and toys can be used to reduce stress or depression especially when one is left by his or her partner. Having a look alike doll can help one cope with the loss of loved one. Frank represents the entrepreneurs in our society who are ready to grab any opportunity that arises with both hands.The Daisy Dolls